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a tour of my messy bedroom

part 1

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=-kqFMugn4IY

part 2

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=zUe3V9rxW1Y

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getting bored of current PS2 game...

Been playing Dragon Ball Z: Sparking Meteor for 3 consecutive weeks now.  Still haven't unlocked all the characters yet and getting kinda bored with it.  Think I want to switch to another game...

pops in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

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The sinister laugh

Yes, that is indeed the 3 year old boy whom I've taught the sinister laugh to.

I must say, he did pretty good.  (I'm only showing this for a limited time)

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=SocXah2CviE

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The "stare"

Before I get into details, I'll tell you a little story.  Sexy eyes in a girl are like a turn-on for me.  I fall for them easily.  So easily that I'd become very subservient to them.  Anyway, the story goes like this.  More than half a year ago, I was workin' with a group of people at Across U-hub for a charity concert.  (For those of you who have seen Lydia Shum's most recent talk show, you may have heard of this organization.  I'll explain that one later) 

We had an afternoon meeting with everyone from all...Read more

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DVD shopping addict

Guys and gals, I'm going to confess about an addiction I have in which several of my bootlegging friends criticize me for.  I have a tendency to buy DVD's.  Not just any DVD's but lots of DVD's.  This week alone has costed me a hefty price itself.  As many of you within North America know, Michael Bay's live-action film adaptation of the classic 80s animated series "Transformers" has just released on DVD earlier this week.  Being the Transformers geek that I am, I bought it on the first day of release.  Due t...Read more

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I'm drooling at this very moment now.

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=MZP3WYiOncI

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How the North American music industry piss me off...

Now, let's put the RIAA/MP3 thing aside.  Discussion on that topic has been overdone.  But the one thing that irritates me the most is how very little support the music industry has given to producing karaoke videos in North America.  There are so many catchy tracks that would have been perfect and even gain alot more popularity at the karaoke bars.  You can say that there is no market for it but technically speaking, you can never say there is no market for a certain thing because it's been untapp...Read more

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an idea so genius, it'll work.

haha!  i just pitched the greatest business idea with a buddy of mine.

y'know how there's maid cafes in japan?  well, someone in toronto tried to use that idea and opened the imaid cafe where their waitresses dress up in maid outfits.  my little idea is a coffee house where ppl just sit, chill, drink coffee and lounge around.  the only difference is, the waitresses would be in lingerie.  hence the name of the place...."The Lingeround" which has a double meaning.  

1) lingerie all around

...Read more
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a normal day / 正常的一天

Wow!  For the first time in weeks, I actually spent a normal day.  I've had the oddest sleeping hours doing work at graveyard hours when it's not needed and sleeping as late as 8a.m. (some of the AnD members may have noticed this happening as I've been chatting on the shoutbox during some of those hours)  I've been longing to sleep and wake up on normal hours for 2 weeks now but with no success.  But today, I actually woke up at 7am, walked to the Pickle Barrel at 8 and having breakfast there at 9 (i had no idea that they...Read more

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