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Gary...why is he the unofficial AnD "mascot"?

I'll be blunt.  I don't watch that Nickelodeon cartoon series "Spongebob Squarepants" but I do know there is a starfish name Gary.  For many months now, rottendoubt has Gary (from the series) as his own avatar which was recently changed to another photo of himself.  Now, I've noticed Mathew_Blaize has an animated CGI Gary avatar now.  I don't watch Spongebob so I don't really get it.  What's so appealing about Gary the starfish?

Just a little query here.

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Joy Sales Update

Well, this is the last project I'm working on for Joy Sales before I leave Toronto to Hong Kong.  Will probably take a week off on my first week in HK and work directly in their office (if things go smoothly for me).  Anyway, I'm currently re-working on the English subs for a movie called "When Taekwondo Strikes", an old 70s Golden Harvest martial arts flick starring Angela Mao, Sammo Hung and Korean hapkido champ, Hwang In-Suk.  Funny thing about Mr. Hwang.  I actually know his son but not too well.  His son, Daniel, went ...Read more

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gimcracks: part 2 / 死蠢(二)

Yeah, this blog entry is about that same gimcrack from another blog entry.  For those who need to recall, read the blog from this URL.  ( http://www.alivenotdead.com/5283/viewspace_5160.html )

Basically, we were dining at this place with a couple of other friends and there was a plate of food that came to our table which we didn't order.  I said I didn't order it.  My friend didn't order it either.  So this gimcrack rushes in outt...Read more

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15 Days... / 十五天。。。

15 more days and I'll be on my way to Hong Kong for a month-long stay.  Getting kinda nervous too!  Especially when I'll be meeting my boss over at the Joy Sales office to grab my pay.  I can't even decide what else I should be doing for the rest of the month.  I know for sure that there'll be a whole slew of flicks I want to watch on the big screen, I know I wanna check out how terrible the service is at Disneyland, I know I want a tour of JC Group and that I want to personally write a 'thank you' to Jackie Chan &...Read more

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i have a confession to make... / 我有件事要跟大家承認

Despite my time spent at alivenotdead.com, I have actually never seen "The Heavenly Kings" yet.  I still haven't seen it.  In fact, I went out to Pacific Mall today and found a copy of "The Heavenly Kings" still available in the store for $18.99.  It's the hardcover version with the booklet filled with photos.  Maybe I'll check it out when I have the time this week.  That's all for now.

雖然我在alivenotdead.com逗留很久﹐我其實是從沒看過電影<四大天王>。我到現在還未看過。我到今天在太古廣場的廣播道才剛剛買起這片子的正版DVD。我...Read more

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"Mad Detective" now category 3?! / <神探>變成三級片了﹖﹗

Saw this magnificent movie back in September and absolutely loved it.  I've been waiting for this movie to come out to theatres in Hong Kong so I can get the DVD 2 months later.  After months of delay, it's been said that it'll be coming out in November.  Not only that, it's been given a category 3 rating.  Which in my honest opinion baffles me.  It wasn't really violent or deserving of the Cat. 3 rating in the first place.  The ear slicing scene was quick and hardly noticeab...Read more

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Let's All Hate Toronto: The Movie

I was browsing through redflagdeals.com this morning and someone had posted about this documentary that somewhat intrigued me enough to be interested in seeing this.  I missed the TV broadcast of this mockumentary so I would definitely like to see this on DVD or as a free download.  Anyway, here's the trailer for y'all.

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=LEkK5qd529k

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I hate first person shooting games...

Ever since the release of Wolfenstein 3D, I've come to the realization on the fact that I absolutely hate FPS games.  All this walking around and having to follow a map makes me dizzy.  Why did I have to point this out in a blog entry?  The answer is rather simple.  I went to my friend's house and had to bear with watching him play "Halo 3" on the Xbox360 for more than 9 consecutive hours.  I even had to play a few rounds while my other friend had to go to the washroom or do other errands like playing C...Read more

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Dragon Ball Z

If it ain't for this wonderful little series, I probably wouldn't be able to read Chinese at all.  God bless Akira Toriyama.


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kgVRCfAQIk

By the way, for those who've seen the Japanese version of the "Death Note" anime, this is actually sung by the actress who played MisaMisa.


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Bad day

Today, I went out to trade my old PSP for the new slimmer version (and an added $100 to pay for the guy).  But I had to go to this Indian kid's house to get it modded with the Pandora's battery.  Firstly, this kid bails out on us after we came all the way from Scarborough to the Morningside area and wasted 5 hours of our time.  My friend and I even went to the Morningside Theatre to watch "Saw 4" just to kill time.  Now, we call him again and he gives us a sad excuse for not wanting to do it.  Then, this punk starts asking why my bu...Read more

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