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i survived the drinking!


可是昨晚是那四晚中最差的一晚。埋單後﹐帳單達超過$700。我只喝了一樽HEINEKEN和溝了一杯綠茶加芝華士。但是他們預了我要付$65和幫手付我朋友那份。他跟我一樣只飲一樽啤酒。問題是派對裡有人不停叫貴酒。不單只這樣﹐那個叫貴酒的混蛋還出口大聲侮辱我。媽的﹗如果你夠膽叫貴東西﹐你最好不用只飲一杯啤酒的傢伙付三倍的價錢。我 只付了$40。我認為我無需要付更多錢的責任。另一方面﹐我和那班朋友去銀星小廚的時候重遇我一位很多年沒見面的老朋友。當我問到他最近做什麼的時候﹐我覺得很尷尬因為我看得出他現在還做些他不能提及的事情。他以前是現已解散的十八羅漢黑社會份子。但我們也算合得來。唯一條件是我不用踏入他的社會糾紛。我們倆也認同這條件因為我在香港有很多親戚是做警察的(而且是很高級和平時見報那些)。但是能夠與老友重遇真是太好了﹗

4 consecutive nights of drinking and I have survived thru it all!

However last night was the worst of it all.  Bill went way ov...Read more

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another little rugrat on the way.. / 又多一個小魔怪來臨啦﹗

Talkin' to my cousin right now and found out some great news.

He's got another little rugrat on the way!  Hear it's gonna be a boy!

But before that, I shall pass my sinister laugh to his daughter, Charmaine.  You might be able to see her photos on my page.  If not, I will update this post and show the pics here.  When I met her, she was only 1 years old and she was really adorable.  Figured out how to start up a DVD after showing her once.


<...Read more
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peepee in urgency / 急尿尿

It was 11pm last night and I was sitting in the back of my friend's car on the way to a nightclub.  I had just met my friend's new girlfriend for the first time so things had to be somewhat formal in a sense.  But I figured I had made a big mistake.  I had just drank a full bottle of evian spring water and I came into the realization that I really had to pee while holding it for over 40 minutes.  Holding it that long in downtown Toronto is no easy task as we were passing along business establishments with names like "Mizu...Read more

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Today on my horoscope

YOUR SIGN - THE METAL MONKEY Today's Horoscope (November 9, 2007) Zodiac Details by Suzanne White. Horoscopes by Master Rao. Relationships with the other sex will be very much favored. A favorable day for real estate transactions. You'll draw great satisfactions from your social activitie...Read more

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Short animated flick

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=TS6LEUR879w Found this randomly on youtube.

Looks kinda interesting.

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Pour AC100

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Hats off to Ne-Yo! / 為Ne-Yo鼓掌﹗

You guys notice how I've been praising Ne-Yo for his music?  Well, let's state the reasons why Ne-Yo's cool.  His songs are actually pretty good.  The lyrics are practically detailed to the point that it's like he is telling you a story despite the song being the typical "i love you, you love me, you break my heart" kind of content.  But that isn't the main point of this blog entry.  It caught my attention when I had this article concerning Ne-Yo's private life.  Apparently, he has volunteered ...Read more

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peachey's survey (part 2)

  1. Do you leave messages on people's answering machines? Yeah, I do.  Unless I'm not in the mood for it.

  2. Do you draw your name in the sand when you go to the beach? It depends on my mood.

  3. Any plans for Friday night? Clubbing with friends on Friday night.  his birthday party.

  4. Do you like what the ocean does to your hair? After swimming in it and realizing that I'm touching a used tampon?  No!

  5. Have you ever received one of those big tins with three d...Read more

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Doing this to give face to peachey and also because I love surveys.

Explain what ended your last relationship. I moved back in 7th grade.  I don't even remember her name. When was the last time you shaved? 2 days ago and I need to shave again tonight.

What were you doing at 8 a.m. this morning? Sleeping.

What were you doing 15 minutes ago? Getting ignored by pongza. 

Some things you are excited about. Going to Hong Kong on November 18th.

What is your favorite fla...Read more

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JACKASS!!! / 死蠢一名

Anybody watch Conan O'Brien and notice how he had this segment where he proves members of his show are jackasses and once they're proven as jackasses, they get the big stamp and are pronounced as a "JACKASS"?  Well, this is one of those moments. 

For those not in the know, read the previous blog entry.

Yes, that's right.  I'm admitting to it.


大家有沒有看CONAN O‘BRIEN的夜談節目呀﹖他有一個環節是專為證明他的節目裡的人員是死蠢。證明之後他們就即時被封為死蠢一名。其實呢。。。現在就是那種氣氛啦﹗


是的﹐我...Read more

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