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Frustrated in isolation

It's been 3-4 days since my arrival in Hong Kong and while it's great to see family within their locality, there are times where I want to be away from family to socialize which is something I am always doing.  Today, I was supposed to be hangin' out with a friend of mine whom I've known in Toronto.  He moved to Hong Kong recently and I wasn't able to see him off last August.  Anyway, the day before, I couldn't meet up with him because it was like my 2nd day in HK and I had to eat with family.  I had the decenc...Read more

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and this is why dogs scare the shit outta me...

This thing was as big as 5'7 and it stood on its legs!!!!!  Freakiest St. Bernard I've ever seen!!!

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i feel so blackenese...

2nd day in hong kong.  walked around the shatin area (not so far from where i'm staying).

place is so ghetto but at the same time, very convenient.  it's like there's a 7-11 and a circle k convenience store at every 10 steps.  had breakfast at an outdoor restaurant and realized their washroom doesn't have a toilet seat.  it's like i have to bend down to take a shit.  luckily, i didn't need to take a shit.  otherwise, i'd be tortured by now.  and i see a bigass cockroach in the faucet.  ewww....  can...Read more

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Here I am!

Gary Lau typing live in Shatin, Hong Kong.

I was as awake as a horse until the jet lag started kicking in when I got on the computer.  I'll post some pics later.  Need to figure out how to recharge my stuff.  I feel so stoned right now.  Damned jet lag...At least, I survived it better than last time.  I had constant fainting last time. Now i need to figure out how to type in chinese here.  I'll probably install my usual program instead of figuring things out.  so blah....\

and is it just me or are the rails at the qing-ma b...Read more

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packed up, cleaned out (almost...) and ready to go!

Packed up my stuff, cleared out my room, cleaned up (well, i still haven't showered yet), and ready to go!  Stuffed my bag with some reading material, and charged up my phone & Nintendo DS, camera, etc.

It's gonna be me, the plane and a good 5 hours of Contra 4, baby! 

ooh yeah!

now i'm gonna take a much needed shower.

P.S.  "When Taekwondo Strikes" is coming very soon to DVD.  In fact, dddhouse has it on pre-order.  If you like the old-school shit,...Read more

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Blog: Saturday, Nov 17

oh boy... just about 16 hours before my flight and i'm a nervous train wreck.

i've even packed as little as i could.  i know i'm gonna come back with a ton of shit.  i'll post a blog again before i leave.



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TIme really flies and it's so weird to realize that 2007 is just about a month and a half away from being a thing of the past.  Looking at the past year, I thought there was this one thing I just had to share with y'all that happened early in June.  I went out with a couple of friends to a place called All-Stars where they serve beer and fried chicken served in a wide assortment of flavors.  Can't miss it, they are simply delish!  Anyway, I left for a quick smoke with my friends (both chinese) and there were alot of other Chinese people ...Read more

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I hate shopping... / 我很討厭購物﹗

I've learned something recently.

Never tell anyone that you're flying to Hong Kong.  Let 'em know after you're there.  Why?  So they don't have to give you a damned shopping list.  If you give it to a girl, it might be okay but for a guy...no frickin' way, man!  I'm sure alot of guys would agree to this but I hate shopping!  Everything has to be so damned specific.  That's why I even specifically said that I don't want to shop in Hong Kong.  Now if you get victimized and get a list of s...Read more

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This is why Andy Lau is so frickin' cool

Go, Andy!  Go, Andy, Go!

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=L8G4chV1Us8

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unannounced visits

So basically, I made rice as usual and I was going to eat with my mom.  And all of a sudden, that gimcrack knocks my window and decidedly came to pick me up without even telling me.  I know his cell phone's been deactivated but he really shoulda had the courtesy to find a pay phone before coming.  I even lost my cool and told him repeatedly how I didn't appreciate the unannounced visit.  Not cool....not cool at all...

基本上﹐我就照常那樣子洗米整飯並打算和媽媽吃晚飯。那個死蠢忽然間敲我牆口並打算在沒通知我的情況下接我去跟他吃飯。我知道他沒付電話費所以他的手電用不 了。但他至少該找個公用電話通知一聲。我還發脾氣叫他別再這樣子不通知...Read more

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