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When tolerance goes to zero... / 當容忍限度到零時

It's been over a month and a half since I've ignored a certain gimcrack friend of mine over the chicken wing feud (long story...i'll explain that one later).  This guy is truly an idiot.  I've spoken about him several times in my blog over the past year.  But I think that at one point in time, this one really puts the frosting on the cake.  Just a few years ago, I was walking with him in Pacific Mall and he wanted to buy some movies.  So we went into the bootleg store and he was picking up a copy of "A Chinese Tall Story".  I said to him, "Don't you dare!".  He was very well aware of my involvement with this movie.  But after several moments of hesitation, he gave in and bought a bootleg of a DVD containing my work.  His excuse?  "Well, I'm giving you a car ride!".

Now if it was any other title, I wouldn't really care nor would I encourage the purchase of bootlegs.  But let's face the facts here, people!  I worked on the Hong Kong DVD release of "A Chinese Tall Story".  It was one of those DVD's I was actually proud and satisfied with.  Buying a bootleg copy of a DVD that I worked on and doing the crime in front of my face really hurts me.  In fact, he's not giving me face at all.  This is not the first time that he has done something stupid like this and I highly doubt his stupidity will ever stop.  (He eventually got a really bad cut across his arm after someone pulled out a knife at him for saying something stupid.  I wasn't there and I didn't know what he said but the chances of him offending that person is very typical.)

In conclusion, I have these simple words to say to him.


由於炸雞翼事件﹐我已成一個半月跟一位笨蛋朋友絕交。(我遲些才跟大家解釋炸雞翼事件。) 這個人真的很蠢﹗去年我已在博客提過這人的愚蠢行為。有一次﹐他真的過火了。就像我和他在幾年前經過太古廣場那一次。當時他說想購買幾套DVD影碟。那麼 我們進入一間專賣翻版影碟的鋪頭。他便拿起電影<情癲大聖>的翻版影碟。我跟他說“你還敢買﹖”。他當時明明是知道我有份參與製作此片的影 碟。經過沒理智的考慮後﹐他便買了一套原本有我參與製作的翻版碟。車我去街便成了他的籍口。

假如是其他片子的話﹐我通常都不會理會。我亦不會鼓勵人購買老翻。但我們面對現實吧﹗我是有份參與製作電影<情癲大聖>的英語字幕部份。這影 碟是我有史以來值得驕傲和我稍為滿意的作品。在我面前購買這片的翻版碟擺明是不給我面子。他不是第一次做出這樣愚蠢的事情。我相信他的行為不會就此停止 的。(他的手還被人刺了很大的疤痕。此事發生都是因為他對這人說了得罪他的說話。他這樣得罪人是經常性的。)


粱建柱﹐ 你果然是一個華而不實之物﹗

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Photo 23166
AHAHAHA how UNNICE of ur friend! &gt;.&gt;
about 12 years ago
Photo 911
Wow buying a bootleg in front of your face........ what a shame
about 12 years ago
Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
it's not the fact that he's buying a bootleg dvd in front of me. it's the fact he is buying a bootleg copy of a dvd that i worked on when he is knowingly aware that i don't appreciate him buying a bootleg dvd of something i've previously worked on. that gets me riled up.
about 12 years ago
Photo 1967
Yeah, I think you mentioned another case a while back. Why are you even friends with him?
about 12 years ago
Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
This guy just stuck around for some oddly unknown reason.
about 12 years ago
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Dump him!
about 12 years ago
Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
haha! dump him?! dude's cut already!
about 12 years ago
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Gary...its QUITE evident that David is a TOTAL MORON !!!
about 12 years ago


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