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unannounced visits

So basically, I made rice as usual and I was going to eat with my mom.  And all of a sudden, that gimcrack knocks my window and decidedly came to pick me up without even telling me.  I know his cell phone's been deactivated but he really shoulda had the courtesy to find a pay phone before coming.  I even lost my cool and told him repeatedly how I didn't appreciate the unannounced visit.  Not cool....not cool at all...

基本上﹐我就照常那樣子洗米整飯並打算和媽媽吃晚飯。那個死蠢忽然間敲我牆口並打算在沒通知我的情況下接我去跟他吃飯。我知道他沒付電話費所以他的手電用不 了。但他至少該找個公用電話通知一聲。我還發脾氣叫他別再這樣子不通知我便落來探我。不爽。。。真的不爽。。。

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Lol what is a gimcrack? I also hate it when people show up announced. It seems they always show up when you are in pj's and your house has random bits of clothing strewn across the floor and there is always something embarressing laying right in their view. Ooooo what good friends we have. :)
almost 13 years ago
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In this day and age, there's no reason for unannounced visits. I also hate them.
almost 13 years ago
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I hate unannounced visits. So rude!
almost 13 years ago
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It's a popular pet hate for everyone, it's totally uncalled for and extremely arrogant for someone just to turn up on the doorstep.
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