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The wedding prank

I woulda posted this earlier but considering it's a friendly prank and the fact that it's supposed to be a surprise, the element of surprise would be defeated if I had to posted about this earlier.  Today is the night of my friend Harry Kwan's wedding.  The weeks leading up to the wedding had been rather frustrating as the groom had been quite a nervous wreck and as always, I was the friend he could always vent out on.  I guess I'd be proud to say that I am quite immune to his scoldings over the years so I guess I should be allowed to prank him just once.  I wrote the guy a fake cheque of one hundred dollars and eighteen cents.  Anyone who is Chinese might find it easier to find the meaning of my hidden message as "18" is synonymous with the term 實發 ("sure to get rich").  The hundred bucks is supposed to be represent the term 百戰百勝 ("with a hundred battles comes a hundred victories").  As lame as it is, it's really the thought that counts!  I believe I also wrote that this "cheque" is only redeemable through the wife. 

Anyway, congrats to the new bride and groom!

(P.S. I really did give the couple an envelope of $100.18)

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