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The Warlords out on DVD in China...

So I got a little anxious and checked out the Mainland China DVD release of "The Warlords" despite the fact that I originally planned for a 2nd viewing in the theatres.  Now that I've returned to Toronto, it's a little too late for that.  I've heard that the Mainland DVD release is 7 minutes shorter than the Hong Kong theatrical release so I watched a bit just to see what they've decided to cut.

Immediately, I noticed the big scene where Takeshi Kaneshiro holds some dude's severed head was censored.  In the Hong Kong theatrical print, there were some extended shots of the head and even close-up angles of the severed head's pale face.  In the Mainland DVD, some of those close-up shots were gone.  I haven't really checked out the whole DVD yet so I'll report on the cuts that they made here.

In any case, I will buy the Hong Kong DVD.  This movie is worth the legit purchase.

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Warlords already out? Was it a decent copy or did it look like it was recorded in a theater? I wouldn't mind that copy w/o the close-up of lopped-off heads.
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it's a legit dvd release from mainland china. i think the subtitles are burnt-in and it's in simplified chinese. i don't think there is any english subtitles. but for a $5-6 bucks, it's better than nothing. the deluxe "D9" version will be coming in the next few weeks in china.
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Ewww ~ I can do without lopped-off head scenes, thank you very much.
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