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The Ebola Syndrome (US version) / 伊波拉病毒 (美版)

Yes!  It is finally coming out this month.  This DVD sounds like a winner compared to its DVD release in Hong Kong which was pretty much barebones.  This new American DVD release features an all-new audio commentary by director Herman Yau and Anthony Wong, new interviews, and never-before-seen deleted scenes.  It also features a newly updated translation of the original Cantonese dialogue done by yours truly  .   Which also brings me to the reason why I am giving it a mention in here in the first place.  Below is a link that leads you to its pre-order page.  A little gory and not exactly for younger viewers but definitely great for a laugh.

Special thanks goes out to Diskotek Media.  Thanks for allowing my words to appear on a DVD outside of Hong Kong.


是啊﹗今個月終於都會出0架啦﹗這張DVD似乎好過香港百無版好多倍。這個美版DVD會有唔少特別收錄如邱禮濤&黃秋生的幕後講評﹐全新訪問﹐還有從未佈光的刪剪片段。還有﹐本片亦經過小弟 的重新翻譯的英語字幕。對白還跟原裝粵語對白很接近。這亦是我提及這張DVD的原因(當是宣傳吧﹗) 以下係預售網址。套戲雖有點血惺不適宜小朋友觀看﹐但同時亦會令人笑餐飽﹗

特別鳴謝﹕DISKOTEK MEDIA (多謝你們給這個機會讓我的文字能夠在香港以外的影碟出現。

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Never heard of it.
about 13 years ago
Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
it's an old flick that Golden Harvest Pictures produced back in 1996. it's more in the veins of "Bunman: The Untold Story". in fact, it's from the same director and stars the same actor (in this case, Anthony Wong Chau-Seng). basically, Anthony Wong plays a refugee living in South Africa who eventually rapes an african tribal woman, contracts a deadly virus, kills his boss, kill the boss' wife & cousin, goes back to Hong Kong, patronizes local prostitutes and spreads the deadly ebola virus. i haven't even mentioned the gross parts yet. "Bunman" is a different story but that's mainly because it's based on a true event. i believe Anthony Wong actually won a Hong Kong Film Award for "best actor" specifically for "Bunman".
about 13 years ago
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wow... that's intense!!!... oh, so you do translations for movies?! cool!!!... the translations used to be SOOOO bad in the '90s. but now, they're a lot better! probably getting ENGLISH-speaking ppl to do 'em nowadays...
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Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
actually, back in the 80s, i know for a fact they had people who spoke decent english to translate as well. Particularly some coming from Mr. Bey Logan himself who did work on the theatrical release of "A Chinese Ghost Story". but even then, i thought it was kinda lacking. my work with Diskotek Media was more of a one-time deal. I mainly work for Joy Sales. in fact, i worked on translating "the making of MING MiNG" featurette for MING MING which comes out on DVD on friday (probably this weekend when it reaches Chinese dvd shops in Toronto). i was actually on the forums, asking for people who can edit some stuff for "the making of ming ming". but yes, you'll see the dvd arriving in stores this weekend. Daniel Wu's in it.
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