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Over-dependent women in Hong Kong

Over the last few weeks I've spent in Hong Kong, I have noticed something very peculiar about many Hong Kong women.  Many of them, particularly with housewives, are super dependent on hiring maids to do all the chores including cooking, cleaning, and laundry.  Over on the other end, you have single Hong Kong girls asking the same question.  "Why are the Hong Kong boys all heading north to look for potential girlfriend and wives?".  Well, an earlier conversation I had at alivenotdead.com brought me to this semi-conclusion.  I've come to a suspicious conclusion that alot of Hong Kong females are too dependent on hired maids.  And many of them can't cook, clean and do basic chores.  It's not that they're lazy.  In fact, at a busy place like Hong Kong, they're way too occupied to even bother with any of that.  Some of my aunts are even shocked that I can cook more than they can.  Well, that's because Canadians rarely bother with hiring a maid at home.  It's all a part of learning independence and taking care of yourself.  A basic survival skill, so to speak.  Some of my Hong Kong gal pals in Toronto even admit that they can't and would never bother learning how to cook.  I've seen some of the atrocities of their cooking.  It's...well...an atrocity! 

I cannot say for certain that my observations is the absolute answer to that question but I can say that this situation is quite abundant in Hong Kong.  It's about time someone had to point it out.  And just for the record, I'm saying "most" are like that.  Not all Hong Kong women are oblivious to the culinary arts.  "Beautiful Kitchen" taught me that one.  lol!

在香港過度這幾個星期裡﹐我留意到有關香港女人的怪趣事情。就是很多香港女人(尤其是那些所謂“師奶”)對工人非常依賴。特別是在烹任﹐清潔和洗衣服方 面。在另一邊箱﹐不少香港女仔會問起香港男人為什麼總是向北上來找女朋友或妻子。我在這網頁亦有提起這個問題來討論時便起了一可能性極高的答案。我懷疑香 港女人真的是太過依賴工人來做家務。香港女人有很多不會煮飯﹐洗衫和做其它家務。我意思不是說她們懶。其實在香港這種繁忙的地方﹐她們根本沒空閒時間理這 些事。我有幾個auntie見到我能煮幾味也覺得很出奇。那是因為加拿大人請工人做家務是極少。該是學習自立和照顧自己的一部份。可以說是一個基本的生存 功能吧﹗我在多倫多的香港留學生女性朋友很多都不會煮飯。我知道她們亦不會用空閒時間來學。我也試過她們的淒慘廚藝。真的是很。。。悽慘﹗


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I guess HK women are much more busier than those in Canada !^ ^ well ,actually it has been a trend in China ,not only in HK,many girls would like to find a husband who can cook ,they think since they both have to work ,why not share the family chores together , its fair enough! well ,about haring a maid ,thats the best way to solve the problem ,cuz it will take the burden off , as to me ,, I will learn to cook ,I know its the basic survival skill ,yet I prefer to find a husband capable if cooking too !
about 12 years ago
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Bah ~ Gary, I think I mentioned in the shout box that dad taught me to cook. Brothers are learning as well. You are right, that it is a basic survival skill. Puts me in mind of dumb Carl's Jr. hamburger commercial ~ guy at a grocery store, trying to select a loaf of bread ~ voice over says &quot;if it weren't for us, he'd starve&quot; ~ or something like that ! &gt;.&lt;
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haha...what a funny observation for a guy like you to care. anyway, i think the hectic and busy lifestyle of the Hong Kong ppl that gave them the excuse to hire maids and what not. plus, maids are available everywhere at a cheap salary so it makes it easier for them to get one. i'm just glad i like to cook. i would never hire anyone to clean up my house cos i'm very picky with my stuff and i don't want anyone to touch it and mess with it. i can't have a maid or nanny.
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that's very interesting.. where is the north???
about 12 years ago
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HK boys prolly also don't cook or clean much thanks to those maids.
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其實..我認識的男生廚藝真是不錯的 !! 像我爸爸 haha.. 以前我也不愛家務 , 入廚 .. 但人大了 ( 應說是老了 ~~ )喜歡在家的感覺 , 開始自學菜式 , 一次失敗了 , 下次再試 !! 從中發現很多的樂趣 , 現在喜歡烹飪了 =) 至於請傭工...我就不太喜歡 !! 不論 full time or part time..因為我不愛陌生人在我家啊 !! 家..對我來說是我一個獨自的安樂窩
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Hmm, yeah, I'm a horrible cook. I can stuff up the simplest of meals. But I do want to eventually get the hang of cooking someday. I've always said that I'm likely to need a maid when I get married because of how bad I am at doing the housework, but (even though I've always known I'm better with housework when home alone) I made the realisation this past week that living on my own and not depending on anyone would be better for me.
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