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long sleep

oh man...i musta had some good sleep today...

started around 6am and find myself waking up 30 minutes ago (4pm).  now i don't know if i wanna head down to Pacific Mall and buy "Flashpoint" on dvd yet.  i'm way too chillaxed right now... 

if only i had a bong and some ganja....

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Photo 4957
lazy Sunday's are awesome
almost 13 years ago
Photo 23799
haha... i've been out since 9:30am this morning and i just got home (and came straight onto AnD!)... lucky you =)
almost 13 years ago
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Hope you got 'Flashpoint'. I'm still waiting for it to arrive from yesasia, I'm dying to see it.....No telling me the ending!!!
almost 13 years ago
Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
i still haven't bought it yet but i know it's in stores over in toronto now.
almost 13 years ago
Photo 37409
sleeping is the best thing i think!lol
almost 13 years ago
Photo 911
WOw u sleep at 6am?
almost 13 years ago
Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
been doing this for the past week.
almost 13 years ago


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