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In response to Joanne Ooi's recent blog post

Yeah...I've heard the atrocities of parenting in Hong Kong but I've always chuckled and laugh upon it.  My opinions changed when I saw it with my very own eyes.  I was in Hong Kong for the last 5 weeks.  I went to the MTR as usual last week and I saw 10 year old punk being extremely rude to his mother.  He was on the cell phone and rudely shouts at his mother.  I clenched my fists, almost wanting to beat the living shit out of him because he behaved no different from a triad thug.  Then I see him trying to apologize to her desperately and it was his mom's turn to be pissed.  And the mother has every right to be pissed.

Then, there's my little cousins.  They're good kids overall but their mother is extremely strict and it's not in a good way.  They have no time to play, television is strictly banned for those poor kids and I even heard her say that when they reach their teenage years, they are not allowed to go out to any Christmas parties with friends.  I actually had to talk to my aunt in regards to that comment but she seems to shrug it off.  My cousins are good girls for now but I know (having been to that stage before) that they are going to rebel and not in a good way.  It will be brutal.  

In contrast to my aunt's boot camp style nurturing, my other 2 cousins (same age as the other 2) aren't in a strict upbringing.  Their parents actually encourage and they actually let them watch TV.  Hell, they are even top A students in Hong Kong.  As great as it sounds, I feel a sense of arrogance from them.  

It sounds very hard to raise a child in a  proper mindset these days especially in Hong Kong.

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Raising kids is tricky. I do believe that too many restrictions and rules will bring about children who turn into spineless adults, or some degree of adolescent or teenage rebellion (and lots of fights) later on. There should be some moderation.
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I think parenting these days is hard no matter where the kids are brought up. There are so many things that run through a parent's mind when it comes to their kids. Are you they going to get into college? Should they speak a second language? Are they healthy? What type of kids are they hanging out with? I agree with you that if the parents are too strict that the kids might end up rebelling. Sometimes when parents are too nonchalant, the kids...well...you know...drugs, sex, and rock n' roll.
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The other thing that boggles me is that some parents know that their kids will rebel sooner or later. Yet, they keep up with their "boot camp" act. I see my cousins talking to their dad more than their mom. From what I understand, they hardly have any time for a mother to daughter talk cuz the mother is always commanding, commanding, commanding. Sure, they'll submit to it now but I know that a storm is about to brew within the next few years.
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I don't know anything about this, other than from the "off-spring" point of view ~ but I think dad has done an awesome job with us! ^^
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