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i survived the drinking!


可是昨晚是那四晚中最差的一晚。埋單後﹐帳單達超過$700。我只喝了一樽HEINEKEN和溝了一杯綠茶加芝華士。但是他們預了我要付$65和幫手付我朋友那份。他跟我一樣只飲一樽啤酒。問題是派對裡有人不停叫貴酒。不單只這樣﹐那個叫貴酒的混蛋還出口大聲侮辱我。媽的﹗如果你夠膽叫貴東西﹐你最好不用只飲一杯啤酒的傢伙付三倍的價錢。我 只付了$40。我認為我無需要付更多錢的責任。另一方面﹐我和那班朋友去銀星小廚的時候重遇我一位很多年沒見面的老朋友。當我問到他最近做什麼的時候﹐我覺得很尷尬因為我看得出他現在還做些他不能提及的事情。他以前是現已解散的十八羅漢黑社會份子。但我們也算合得來。唯一條件是我不用踏入他的社會糾紛。我們倆也認同這條件因為我在香港有很多親戚是做警察的(而且是很高級和平時見報那些)。但是能夠與老友重遇真是太好了﹗

4 consecutive nights of drinking and I have survived thru it all!

However last night was the worst of it all.  Bill went way over $700.  I only had one bottle of heineken and a small cup of chivas + green tea mix.  Yet, I'm expected to pay $65 for it and pay my friend's part of the bill.  He only had one bottle too.  The problem is, someone kept ordering the expensive shit.  That wasn't the worst of it all.  The prick who ordered the expensive stuff is screaming at me with insults.  Fuck that, man!  If you have the balls to order it, you shouldn't expect the guy who had that one bottle of beer to pay more than triple the price of what he drank.  I only paid $40, I don't think I should be held responsible to pay any more than that.  On the other hand, when I went with those guys for a midnight snack, I bumped into an old friend from high school.  i felt kinda bad to ask him what he's been up to lately because I know that he does things which he shouldn't be mentioning.  He was a member of a defunct local gang known as the 18 Buddha but we were cool with each other for the most part only on the condition that I do not get pulled into the kind of business he runs.  We were mutually cool about that and he was understanding about it since I have alot of family working within the Hong Kong Police Force.  Still, it was good to see an old friend again.

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That's the problem with eating out w/ friends too, not just drinking events - there's always the person or persons who orders the expensive stuff. I think that's why they order the pricier items bc everyone's gonna chip in.
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Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
that's why some people left early. i should left early too. ultimately, that was the one mistake i made.
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whenever I go out to eat with friends I usually get something cheap because I don't want to be a burden :P
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watch the liver!
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yeah... remember to leave earlier next time! haha...
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Oh great.. u tried the chivas and greentea.. did u like it????
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This is why me and my dear pals made an agreement to go Dutch, peachey is right, there is always one who sees a friendly get together and sharing the bill as a way to ask for the best stuff. It's good that you and your friend even though on opposite sides of the tracks were able to be friends even in adversity.
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