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I hate shopping... / 我很討厭購物﹗

I've learned something recently.

Never tell anyone that you're flying to Hong Kong.  Let 'em know after you're there.  Why?  So they don't have to give you a damned shopping list.  If you give it to a girl, it might be okay but for a guy...no frickin' way, man!  I'm sure alot of guys would agree to this but I hate shopping!  Everything has to be so damned specific.  That's why I even specifically said that I don't want to shop in Hong Kong.  Now if you get victimized and get a list of shit to buy in Hong Kong, expect them to give you the money right away before they give you the good old "I'll pay you back" excuse.  Otherwise, refuse at your own discretion.

haha!  I even had a silly girl demanding me to buy her a LV bag.  Funny thing is, she's going to Hong Kong around the same time as me.  Silly indeed!


那就是不要告訴朋友你會飛去香港。等你到了之後才讓他們知道﹐為什麼﹖皆因這樣便不讓他們寫個購物名單給你。也許給女孩子便沒問題但要是男孩的話就必定不行﹗我很肯定很多男人會同意但是事實擺在眼前﹐我真的討厭購物。所有的東西要指定的。所以我跟所有朋友說我到香港不是為了購物而來的。那如果你被受害的話收到很長的購物名單的話﹐在它給你傳統的籍口之前(如”我稍後才貼錢給你“之類) ﹐你該期望它們給錢讚助你幫它買東西。否則我還是勸你拒絕吧﹗


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LOL.. I know exactly how u feel. i don't even like to buy for people when I'm a girl...........
almost 13 years ago
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I can relate to this. All of a sudden people are coming up with long list of things that are "very important" and they usually say they'll pay me back after (which some never do). And they have the nerve to get angry if I cannot buy it. =/
almost 13 years ago
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I know exactly what you mean. I hate shopping at a store too. That girl, who asked for a LV product., is not silly. She has probably named you as her protential sugar daddy. hahaha....
almost 13 years ago
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My mum always gets upset when my aunty turns up the day before we leave for HK with a list of things her friends want my mum to get for them - and she doesn't know these people. They have some nerve! So does my aunty, in fact.
almost 13 years ago
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that's why you wait to tell them after you've been to HK why? Because if you wait to tell them til you're in HK they'll call you back up and tell you what they want....lol...Gary, I thought you would have seen that one. Oh ya...1 more thing. If you can, bring me back a hot man! =p have a great trip!
almost 13 years ago
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she should just go to paris for her LV bag... you probably need to pay taxes when you enter canada customs anyway...
almost 13 years ago
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I tell everyone I'm going to HK and then I add "I hate carrying $hit so don't bother asking me to buy you anything, it's annoying!" Plus, when I'm on vacation I should be focusing on my needs.
almost 13 years ago
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hehehe Gary!!! yes its a mistake, but, can you bring me this amazing shoes that you mentioned yesterday? I want a pair of "get out of my way shoes" hehe
almost 13 years ago
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I hate getting shopping requests. 1. I only shop in DVD stores, 2. Like I want to spend my vacation shopping for others. 3. the suitacase gets too overloadd with my own spoils, no room for other gifts. Have a great time Gary.
almost 13 years ago


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