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How the North American music industry piss me off...

Now, let's put the RIAA/MP3 thing aside.  Discussion on that topic has been overdone.  But the one thing that irritates me the most is how very little support the music industry has given to producing karaoke videos in North America.  There are so many catchy tracks that would have been perfect and even gain alot more popularity at the karaoke bars.  You can say that there is no market for it but technically speaking, you can never say there is no market for a certain thing because it's been untapped.  Those record labels should really step outside and get a little smell of reality of what's going on out there.  The Chinese karaoke market = huge. 

Why am I saying that?  Cuz Neyo's got some tracks that I woulda loved to sing at the karaoke bars.  Dude's a class act!

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Too bad US music producers are ignoring the karaoke arena. As if people overseas don't listen to American songs. And instead you get these watered down versions of the songs (probably w/o their permission).
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Yes, and that totally sucks! I was quite surprised when I went to a karaoke last month and realized that there were genuine KTV videos for songs like Linkin Park's "What I've Done", that annoying "nobody wanna see us together but it don't matter no more" song by Akon. But it's still not enough. I want more! I wanna sing songs like Neyo's "Go on Girl", "Because of You", "So Sick" and etc. Alot of Neyo's songs have karaoke potential here.
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I almost always only sing Chinese song when I go karaoke because I can't stand watching the cheaply made music videos for the American songs.
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yeah but they actually used the original video for "What I've Done" so that is okay. Most Chinese karaokes have the KTV of Red Hot Chili Peppers "Dani California" (the Death Note theme song) and the aforementioned songs I spoke of earlier. I don't think it's any different from Chinese karaokes in America either.
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haha karaoke only seems to be big in the asian culture, until there's a huge outcry for it in white America, or when the white masses get tired of the cheesy videos for it, i'm afraid you wont ever see NeYo songs in a karaoke bar.
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I saw Akon's song turned into a KTV video. and it wasn't any cheesy video filmed in Canada or Australia. It was the actual video shown on MTV. i forgot what it's called but the lyrics went "nobody wants to see us together but it don't matter no more (cuz i got you)"
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