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Here I am!

Gary Lau typing live in Shatin, Hong Kong.

I was as awake as a horse until the jet lag started kicking in when I got on the computer.  I'll post some pics later.  Need to figure out how to recharge my stuff.  I feel so stoned right now.  Damned jet lag...At least, I survived it better than last time.  I had constant fainting last time. Now i need to figure out how to type in chinese here.  I'll probably install my usual program instead of figuring things out.  so blah....\

and is it just me or are the rails at the qing-ma bridge look like a prison state now?  what happened to the greenish silvery rails i saw 10 years ago?  it's all black now.




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Photo 39850
its been 10 years since last time you came to HK? wow.. its not true ,right? emm.. jet-lag ,juz take some good rest , you will be fine good day ^_^
almost 13 years ago
Photo 32339
nice to here u got here safely! ha~ waiting for ur pics!! =)
almost 13 years ago
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u've arrived! what's the temperature there now?
almost 13 years ago
Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
it's actually pretty warm but not too hot. in comparison, this is like spring time weather in toronto
almost 13 years ago
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Hi Gary. Safe and in one piece. I have relatives in Sha Tin. It's 70's there, isn't it?
almost 13 years ago
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u should go out and get yourself a drink.. then u can sleep
almost 13 years ago
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Hey Gary glad to see you arrived safe. Hope you have a lot of fun
almost 13 years ago
almost 13 years ago


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