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Hats off to Ne-Yo! / 為Ne-Yo鼓掌﹗

You guys notice how I've been praising Ne-Yo for his music?  Well, let's state the reasons why Ne-Yo's cool.  His songs are actually pretty good.  The lyrics are practically detailed to the point that it's like he is telling you a story despite the song being the typical "i love you, you love me, you break my heart" kind of content.  But that isn't the main point of this blog entry.  It caught my attention when I had this article concerning Ne-Yo's private life.  Apparently, he has volunteered to father a child that is not biologically his.  In fact, the child's mother is his ex-girlfriend's.  The father of the child abandoned the kid   The fact that people are out there criticizing him for fathering a child that is not biologically his, completely baffles me.  On the other hand, Ne-Yo's response to the criticism was quite touching and admirable.  I'm sure that Ne-Yo would make a great role model for this kid and for that alone, he deserves my respect and moral support beyond his music.

For the article itself, go here for details.





Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=-hvI9kAUTKA

Here's a good introduction to Ne-Yo's music for y'all!

"So Sick"

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Seriously!!!, the guy is being picked on for doing such an honorable thing! Man what is wrong with the world
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