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Few days ago, I had lunch with my uncle (my mom's younger brother) and my grandmother (mom's mom).  I was eating, all fine and dandy.  Then, my grandma just asked me this awkward question.  "How did you father die?".  I'm like pausin' here and at the same time, I don't really want to answer the question.  In fact, I almost lost my appetite here.  I simply said I don't know.  I let it go...whatever...

Last night, some guests arrived.  I don't know these people but they're friends of my uncle's.  Yeah, shit hits the fan again.  She said to them "It's such a pity that your mother couldn't be here".  Everyone just stay silent and we changed the topic.

This afternoon (in fact, not too long ago), we tried to discuss with my grandmother on that issue.  She doesn't seem to get the point here...  Then, she went a little too far when she said I'm not filial because i don't know how my father died.  Get a fuckin' clue, old hag!  There's obviously a reason why I said I don't know.  You're just lucky I ain't pullin' my usual temper because you're my mother's mother.  Diu!



今個下午(而且還剛剛發生沒多久)﹐我們跟外婆談論此事。她似乎不太明白道理。她還很過份地說我因為不知道父親去世的原因是很不孝順。喂﹗好心你用個腦諗 0野啦﹐臭婆娘﹗我說聲“不知道”很明顯是有理由這樣說的﹗幸好我發脾氣還沒發全功都是拜她是我媽媽的媽媽這個理由所賜﹗幹﹗

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LOL dayummm lol dont be so mean to ur grandma, but i totally see wat ur saying. just lay low, if u dunt live with her, ull be fine in a couple of days XP
about 12 years ago
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Hahaaaa........ she's ur grandma.. come on.. old people can't hold their mouths...... they're like that.. i've been through it
about 12 years ago
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Old people sometimes don't know what they're saying. They tend to lose some of their wits in their old age. And their ability to hold their tongue.
about 12 years ago
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Gary, I agree with Peachey, Dreamy, and pokedpenguin19; just bear with. Remember, take deep slow breaths; it will calm you.
about 12 years ago
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awww... sorry to hear that your grandma doesn't seem to know how to hold her tongue =/ cheer up, you're in HK! =) janechu and i plan to meet up on the 23rd. msg (private msg) me if you're interested, OK? we might visit the AnD office. =)
about 12 years ago
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haha..your blogs are so fierce.
about 12 years ago
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oh,gary, u are......
about 12 years ago
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Old people...what can you do? Just bear with it.
about 12 years ago


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