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good deals at its best.

Went down to the arcades at the mall where UA Shatin theatre is and bought myself a brand spanking new Initial D 4 game card.  I know for a fact that in Toronto, it costs over $5 for the same game card.  That's $37.50 HKD.  In Hong Kong, it's $27 HKD.  Now let's calculate that into Canadian dollars, shall we?  That's $3.46.  I save over $10.50 HKD and $1.54 Canadian. 

Awesome deal, it is!

It sucks that Initial D 4 is only available at lovegetty (across Times Square) and Playdium (Missisauga location).  I'll have a hard time getting there by bus in Toronto.  C'mon, Pacific Mall!  Do your magic!

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Wow something for less than 2 bucks is always good
about 12 years ago
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nice nice nice... =) hahaha.. i'm surprised p-mall doesn't have it...
about 12 years ago


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