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Frustrated in isolation

It's been 3-4 days since my arrival in Hong Kong and while it's great to see family within their locality, there are times where I want to be away from family to socialize which is something I am always doing.  Today, I was supposed to be hangin' out with a friend of mine whom I've known in Toronto.  He moved to Hong Kong recently and I wasn't able to see him off last August.  Anyway, the day before, I couldn't meet up with him because it was like my 2nd day in HK and I had to eat with family.  I had the decency to call him and tell him what's going on.  However, he never called nor has he bothered to call back.  If he's busy, that's fine.  Let me know, and I won't bother you.  But you're leaving a tourist who is completely deserted in a city he is unfamiliar with.  And that just boils my blood.  I've tried to ask what happened when he showed up on MSN but apparently, he went offline.  I dont' know what else I can say about it but seriously...geez...

This isolation sucks balls...

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ok try to get rid f the thought of your friend because we dunno what he's thinking, 2ndly check out in the internet about hong kong nes (sorry i forget the add of the web) however that web is good tell many locations in hong kong to hang out n the places just for young people only... so why dun u try to do something on your own, u can do it.....
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i mean hong kong news.
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yeah...i was kinda looking for places that youngsters go. i'm saving LKF for last and yes, i know about that place.
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hmm i guess you shouldn't call him a friend anymore.. why don't u hang out with the AnD people in HK?
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It does suck when you don't know anyone or the people you know don't make time for you when you visit their city. Don't know where to go, how to go, etc. Some cities I wouldn't mind being alone in, like Paris, but some cities I prefer Mr. P around, like HK. That's his territory. There's no relative your age who can take you places? Or there's no relative you'd want to spend long hours with? haha. I assume it's the latter. I'd hang out with you. We can get lost, have awkward silences, get annoyed at each other. haha.
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Geez that's rather rude of your friend, he could of at least explained rather then leave you wondering what is happening.
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Ok, this is his problem, not yours you are ok, you esteem him, just give him time, i know is hard, stranger in your own city? hehe, soon u will enjoy it, believe me, and remember that you have to us, your big AnD family, u know were find us when u feel alone or when u want figth, hehe, anyways, we support u, nahh stop the tears!!!! hehe, i want a big smile, later!
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awww... he doesn't sound like a good friend to me. hmmmm. i find that ppl in HK can be ruder (even on the streets... haha)... don't let it ruin your vacation!!! he's not worth it!
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You should not save LKF for last. You should be visiting that place every Friday and Saturday night. I'm sorry your friend is not responding to your calls, perhaps he is busy with work. Since you're going to be there for a month, why don't you just explore one KCR/MTR stop a day. It's kinda fun and you'll find a lot cool stuff at each stop. Have you been to Stanley Market yet? It's touristy and stuff, but I actually love riding the bus up there and eating lunch/drinking beer at the small restaurants facing the water.
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