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First time getting drunk... // 第一次灌醉

I wanted to bring this up in a blog entry one day and decided that maybe it's time to keep it in a written to share with y'all.  My first time getting pissed drunk. 

Wow!  I remember this happened back in high school.  Probably around 1998 or 1999.  I sat with a friend of mine and we talked for a bit.  He looked kinda down and told me that he's worried cuz he had sex with his ex-girlfriend and she is telling him that she is pregnant.  So as I was saying, I sat, talked and drank a bottle of Pepsi with him.  Assured that this was Pepsi, I drank a huge sip.  In fact, it was half a bottle in one giant gulp.  Then, I realized that something was different about the Pepsi.  Then he told me that he mixed a little bit of Pepsi with 70% of the bottle being Bicardi.  This was the moment where I realized I was screwed.  I felt nothing at first but as soon as I got up and took my first step, I was a goner.  I was so drunk that I knew I couldn't go to class.  So my friends brought me to Coffee Time (a local Toronto donut shop) for a smoke.  What I didn't realize is, my bastard friends rolled burnt cigarette ashes in zig-zag's and I was smoking with them!  I was then walked back to school where all the other students were fully aware about how plastered I was.  I don't remember much of what happened but I do remember dancing with a white chick and carressing her.  I recall she looked kinda cute too.  Too bad I forgot her name.

Yes, I did get drunk a few more times since that experience but it was nowhere as drunk as this.

(Turns out that his ex was having a false alarm.  There was no pregnancy.)


哇靠﹗想當年我還是個 中學生。我猜是1998或1998年的事了。當時我陪朋友坐底傾閒計。他面色帶有悲傷的跟我說他的前度女友跟他做愛後懷了他的骨肉。就像我剛才說的一樣﹐ 我聽到後便坐下來飲百事可樂和傾這件事。我腦海中清楚知道我正在飲百事便一口氣把半樽飲了。期間我還發覺樽百事有古怪。之後他便告訴我這樽百事可樂是已溝 了很多烈酒。此時我已知道自己不行了。當初感覺不到醉意但一起身行出第一步時已經支持不住了。雖然我當時醉倒了﹐但我也清楚知道我在這種狀態之下是不能回 學校上課的。所以我的朋友便帶我去咖啡室回避一下順便抽煙。我那班朋友還趁我在不清醒和不知道的狀態下用zig-zag紙把煙灰缸裡的煙灰卷起來給我當煙 食。之後我便跟朋友回學校外邊玩。班同學全部知道我飲醉酒。我不太記得我當時到底幹了什麼。但我印象中記得有和外國女仔跳艷舞。可惜我連她的名字也忘記 了。她樣子還幾可愛的。

對﹐這次之後還有醉多幾次不過無第一次的印象那樣深刻。 (事後證實了我朋友的前度女友沒懷孕﹐原來是假象來的﹗)

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Photo 911
that's very funny......... is this why u like alcohol now?
about 12 years ago
Photo 43083
Gary ~ you so got had ~ the question is, did ya learn anything from it?
about 12 years ago
Photo 16256
Did some giggling too?
about 12 years ago
Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
was there any giggling? of course there was!
about 12 years ago
Photo 39850
why did you get drunk , your friends not ? you had the same experience as him ? ^ ^
about 12 years ago
Photo 51528
hahahhah. gary .one piece of advice. ASK what is in the drink next time.
about 12 years ago
Photo 32339
不錯的醉酒的經歷 dancing with a white cute girl! ha~
about 12 years ago


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