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Equivalent Exchange / 等價交換

Well, it's confirmed that I will be in Hong Kong from November 18th to December 25th.  Yes, I can't wait to check how things are in Hong Kong and I know it'll be fun.  But then, I was walking around my place this morning and heard on the radio that Jacky Cheung will be having a concert on December 19th.  Now, I've gotta be honest here.  I've never seen Jacky Cheung live in concert before and I've always wanted to see his live performance one day.  For the price of going to Hong Kong, I can't see Jacky Cheung perform in Toronto.  Equivalent Exchange...just as they say in "Fullmetal Alchemist".  This totally sucks!


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Sorry to hear you'll miss the concert, but you're gonna be on vacation in HONG KONG instead. Lol, it's not that bad.... still pretty cool. =)
almost 13 years ago
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You mean the concerts in Toronto? Can't you just go back before you planned to?
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Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
I can't go back before Christmas. it'll cost extra.
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He's playing again in Toronto?????
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Vacation in hk? How nice...
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oh bummer!
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I'd love to see Jacky in concert. I know when I went to Hong Kong this year I had to miss 2 concerts ,one was Il Divo. I guess you can't have it all, but you will be in Hong Kong, that's got to ease the pain a lot!
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my parents went to his concert several years ago and said it wasn't as &quot;good&quot; as they expected because all he did was sing (no dancing, etc.). but hey- if you admire his voice (which i do), i'd say you should at least see him live once!
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Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
我的國慶早在七月已經慶祝過啦。。。 你們中國國慶不是十月頭咩﹖ 我是會在十一月中才到香港的。
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