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Either go commando or steal a pair of swimming trunks!

Just came back from Canada's Wonderland tonight and the most oddest thing had to happen to me today.  I left my bag of extra clothes in my friend's car and we were all approaching to the water recreational area.  The parking lot was too far for us to walk back so I was left with very few options.  In fact, I only had one option: go commando in the water rides.  Meaning to simply go in my underwear.  However, we saw an abandoned pair of swimming trunks and a t-shirt lying on our bench.  And it just so happens that those trunks are a perfect fit for me.  I was hesitant at first but my friends told me to pick 'em up if I don't want the embarrassment of going commando all afternoon.  And so I did.  Other than that, we had a fun time.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures.  Pretty inconvenient to take a camera to water rides if you ask me.  Oh, and I almost drowned in the shallow end cuz my floating thingy flipped upside down and I held onto the handles.  lol!

I'm gonna have to take a day off next week for a medical check-up.  And to the owner of those swimming trunks, I apologize.  XD

P.S. No fear!!! 

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