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DVD shopping addict

Guys and gals, I'm going to confess about an addiction I have in which several of my bootlegging friends criticize me for.  I have a tendency to buy DVD's.  Not just any DVD's but lots of DVD's.  This week alone has costed me a hefty price itself.  As many of you within North America know, Michael Bay's live-action film adaptation of the classic 80s animated series "Transformers" has just released on DVD earlier this week.  Being the Transformers geek that I am, I bought it on the first day of release.  Due to the fact that I bought an exclusive gift set from Best Buy, it costed over 40 bucks for the bundle which includes a randomly picked die-cast titanium figurine of a battle-damaged Optimus Prime, a 32 page booklet and of course, the 2 disc set DVD of Michael Bay's "Transformers". 

Also available is the deluxe 2 disc set of the anime film "Tekkonkinkreet" (yes, that is how it's spelt), the first feature-length anime film directed by Michael Arias, a Caucasian man from America (you may have seen his work in "The Animatrix").  Just as it is with "Transformers", it is also a very big bundle and that also costed me around $40.  This is the most expensive weekly DVD purchase I have ever made.  I really need to slow down on my DVD purchases because I hardly have time to watch any of them.

So yes, I will say it again.  I am a DVD shopping addict.

各位﹐我有件事要跟大家承認。我有一個連我的朋友時常批評我的引誘。這就是我經常買DVD影碟的壞習慣。不只是普普通通買幾部DVD而是買很多DVD影 碟。我在今個星期已經花了不少錢。你們該知道米高比爾執導的改編自80年代經典動畫劇集<變形金剛>的真人電影版在今週推出了正版DVD。作 為<變>迷的當然在第一天已買了。由於我的是BEST BUY特別禮盒裝﹐我已為它花了成$40來買這套影碟。盒裝裡有一個微型的柯拍文玩具﹐一本精美畫冊(總共有32頁)。當然套裝少不了電影<變形金 剛>的雙碟特別版啦﹗

除了<變>片之外還有日本動畫電影<惡童>的香港三區雙碟特別限量版。這不只是米高 哎里亞斯的第一次執導的日本動畫片﹐這亦是第一次由外國人執導的日本動畫電影。(你可能曾經看過<21世紀殺人網絡之動畫外傳>。他有份做 的。) 像我買的<變形金剛>一樣﹐本碟包裝是非常之龐大。同樣也花了我$40加幣。今週可能是我有生以來購買DVD得最貴的一次了。我需要停下來因 為我沒時間把它觀看。


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You have my sympathy.
almost 13 years ago
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i have a friend and he buys heaps and heaps of dvds...i envy him really...i want lots too...i think its cool if you like them who cares...i envy you as well...i have bugger all dvds...when i get a job i'll be like you and be getting lots of dvds
almost 13 years ago
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That makes two of us. I sold over 300 dvds on ebay and still have nearly 200 left in my collection. And I take great care of each one. I'm definitely a DVD addict. I support Original DVD's
almost 13 years ago
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why are you buying dvds when there's blu ray? anyway, Transformers won't be out on blu ray cos Paramount agreed to make hd dvd for 2 years. sucks! hd dvd had to pay them to do that cos they know blu ray is kicking their ass.
almost 13 years ago
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can i borrow some? heheee
almost 13 years ago
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cool, so many stuffs of Transformers. you like collecting dvds?
almost 13 years ago
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如果我祝在你附近就好了 這樣我就有很多免費的DVD看了! ha~ btw 我則是超愛買書的, 除了喜歡的作者之外, 限量的, 有親筆簽名的...他們常常引誘我去買! (ha~ 愛亂買的藉口) 他們已經擠暴我小小的書架了... 現在正考慮要不要幫他們換ㄍ新家
almost 13 years ago


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