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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII / 危機之源﹕太空戰士7

Despite the bad week with my glasses gone and the flu, I guess the only redeeming thing of the week was being able to test out "Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7" for the PSP.  Even though the language barrier is there, I was still able to get thru the game.  As expected from Square-Enix, the graphics are beyond amazing.  Their work on the NDS games look great and they sure know how to test the consoles to their limits.  This PSP game is no exception.  Sometimes, I couldn't even tell which are in-game graphics and which is their high caliber CGI.  Absolutely breath-taking is what it is.  As much as I'll try to beat the game in Japanese, I will definitely play it all over again in English.  Let's just hope they'll make it quick with this one.  I can't wait to enjoy the whole plot of the game.

雖然今週因遺失眼鏡及受感冒而不順﹐我想唯一能夠安慰到我的是我終於可以試玩PSP新遊戲<危機之源﹕太空戰士7>。我雖則對這遊戲有語言障礙但我還能玩下去。以SQUARE-ENIX遊戲來講﹐本遊戲的畫面做得一流。它們最近為NDS做的遊戲已經做得很好。整明它們專門做到本機的極限。這PSP作品並不例外。我有時分不出什麼是本遊戲的IN-GAME GRAPHICS還是CGI。講到底﹐這個作品實在很完美。我除了想打爆日本版之外還想等待美版推出後從新玩過。只求希望美版快些推出﹗我也想清清楚楚明白本遊戲的故事。

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OH Man you got to test play Crisis Core...This game is the reason I'm 'looking after' my friends psp! I'm looking forward to the English release
about 13 years ago
Tinlunlau 06 tinlunlau
i have a feeling that it won't be until 6 months before we get to see an english version. maybe even a little longer cuz they have to dub it in english.
about 13 years ago
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Well then I guess I'll just have to keep hold of me friends psp until it gets released. Kinda wished they would keep the original language and just subtitle it. Thanks for updating me tinlunlau Much appreciated
almost 13 years ago


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