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Charlie Sheen in T.O.!!!!

Well, they're up and ready to post so here it is.

Not much details to talk about, really!  This morning, I checked Charlie Sheen's twitter page just to see if he has any comments regarding his show in Toronto.  Then noticed that he was having a Bipolar Awareness Walk around the area of my workplace around 6pm.  So I decided to walk up to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel just to check out the event, hoping to take a good shot of him.  Well, unfortunately for me, the weather was pretty windy so it got cold pretty fast.  And Charlie didn't come out until 6:45pm.  And that is when THIS video happened.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6ylNCAWZRk

Then out of nowhere, I see him climbing on the top of a van and started waving his hands to the press and his fans.  Fans demanded for a speech which he graciously gave.  This next video is his full speech that he gave on the top of a van.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz5Ov-GEwSE

I would've done the entire walk to Massey Hall with Charlie Sheen but my mom called me while I was waiting and told me in the last minute that I had to go out with my dad's friends for a dinner gathering.  And since I already got what I want, I thought I might as well bounce and head homeward-bound.

(Was gonna upload the pics but it's taking too long!  I'll upload it on photobucket instead!)

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