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  • Congrats, Ada Choi!

    Tuesday, Jan 15, 2008 10:13PM / Standard Entry

    Read off the newspaper a few days ago and heard that she just got hitched with a Max Zhang.  And just here to post my congrats to Ada (whether she reads this or not, which I doubt).

    While I do not know Ada personally very well, I was privileged enough to work with her once at a church event in Toronto.  I only got to talk to the actors during rehearsal.  I didn't really do much except deal with the lighting for that event.  In fact, an old actor name Cheung Ching (張青) invited me over to have the dinner with the actors and I was basically waiting in line to get an autograph from her.  As I recalled, she refused to eat anything while everyone including Noel Leung and the others are eating and she simply just stood in the corner somewhere.  My intentions failed but only because Joe Tay 鄭敬基 butted right in front of me and pushed me aside.  I wasn't very fond of Joe but I'll leave that for another time to explain that one.

    On another note, 張青 was a pretty friendly guy.  He was an old friend of my grandfather back in my grandpa's heydays as a music/movie producer in Hong Kong.  Some older folks might be more familiar with his work.  I, on the other hand, am oblivious to the films that he's worked on.  I'm not very knowledgeable on the old black & white Cantonese flicks.  Then again, I was oblivious about alot of my grandpa's other friends.  Like that time I bumped into actress Sandra Ng's father at Fairchild TV's office.  I had no idea that he knew my grandpa.  Some sort of generation gap, I guess. 


  • The Truth About Ash Ketchum

    Tuesday, Jan 15, 2008 1:54PM / Standard Entry


  • Awkward moments

    Monday, Jan 14, 2008 2:56PM / Standard Entry

    A quick little dialogue between me and a certain gimcrack that happened last year..
    Let me help you picture the situation.  It was late, somewhere around 11pm or so.  I'm walking outside of my house to get to my friend's car in the next few blocks.  I have only 1 cigarette left and I had to share it with my friend.  Anyway, this is how the conversation went.

    Gimcrack:  I'm a changed man.  I won't ever go to those massage parlors again.
    Me:  Oh yeah?  That's great.  What made you decide the change?
    GImcrack:  I have general (genital) herpes
    Me:  *pauses for a while*
    I gave the cigarette to him.
    Me:  Here, it's all yours.
    Gimcrack:  I'm just kidding, man!

    After he said those words, I still don't believe him.  I don't believe he was joking about having herpes.  I immediately went to the doctors for a full body check-up.  Luckily I was fine.  I still have my doubts on this fella because this gimcrack is known for going to the massage parlor and patronize prostitutes often.  He's so stupid that he even locked himself out of his car...outside of a massage parlor...


  • Will any Singaporeans or Malaysians translate for this translator?

    Monday, Jan 14, 2008 12:01AM / Standard Entry

    I've been listening to my grandfather blare out those words for my entire life.  I still do not know what it means but even then, I still say it.  I know that my grandfather would often make business trips to Singapore and Malaysia when he was producing vinyl records for Cantonese opera and even movies.  Therefore, I concluded that his patented favorite saying comes from Singapore or Malaysia.  Phonetically, it sounds like this.


    So, are there any Singaporeans or Malaysians out there who can translate for this translator here?  I've been dying to know!


  • *shiver* brrrrrrrrrr....

    Sunday, Jan 13, 2008 10:35AM / Standard Entry

    I just made the most disgusting dinner for myself...EVER!!!!!!!!

    First, I made rice as usual.  Then, I started making bacon and because there's not much for me to make in the fridge, I made lots of bacon.  I think roughly around 8-10 of 'em.  Microwaved some roasted duck from yesterday.  And finally, some head lettuce.  Normally, I'd make an egg sunny side up but there's only 1 egg left and I've gotten tired of eggs these days so I nixed the egg.  My mom taught me to clean the lettuce first, then boil some water with a bit of oil and a teaspoon of salt and sugar.  This time, I used the oil left over from the bacon since there was alot of oil in the frying pan.

    And seeing how there's alot of oil in the pan, I decided to fry a bowl of rice in the pan.  Don't get me wrong, I love bacon but this is really disgusting...even for me...


    Think I'll go for a jog to burn some calories after I finish watching tv. 


    首先我照常洗米整飯。然後我便開始煎煙肉因為我雪櫃裡的食物不多。就因為食物少的原故﹐我便煎很多煙肉。大概8至10條煙肉吧﹗然後我將昨晚留下來的燒肉 放進微波爐。最後便整生菜。我會經常弄隻荷包蛋撈飯但由於雪櫃只剩一隻蛋再加上近日總是吃蛋吃到厭了﹐所以決定不碰了。我媽媽教我弄生菜時要等到水滾後才 放油﹐糖和鹽。這次我用煙肉留下的油來整生菜。






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