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bedtime story...

[05:23] PoKeD:ahhhhhhhh[05:23] PoKeD:GARY[05:23] PoKeD:TELL ME A STORY[05:23] PoKeD:i need a bedtime story[05:25] Gary:once upon a time, a litlte girl asked her father for a bedtime story. but her father fell asleep before he could even start. and she live grumpily ever after.

the end[05:25] PoKeD:i hate u[05:25] PoKeD:XD[05:25] Gary:lol[05:25] PoKeD:that was the lamest story ever[05:25] PoKeD:x.x[05:25] Gary:it's awesome1[05:25] PoKeD:=.=

it's 5:30am and i need to slumber...


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