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Gary Lau

Happy 2015!

Wow...already in a new year! Wonder if anyone still comes here these days? Hope my post here causes a ripple effect.

Echo, anyone?

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The new setup

This new setup to alivenotdead is confusing me. Especially on android! I haven't touched my laptop for days and have not seen how it looks like on the pc. Anyways I'm still around!

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Back in high fidelity!

Ever since I got myself a PS3 and a 40 inch HDTV screen, I stopped watching movies in Dolby 5.1 sound and to be frank, my high definition film viewing pleasure has been very incomplete.  Has been for years.  And since I don't buy DVD's anymore, there has been a lack of new films to watch through my current 5.1 speakers since it will not connect in full functionality with the PS3.  That is until today.  Despite it being previously used and going out of phase (last I checked, Logitech is replacing this model with an "inferior" model), I finally have the Logitech z5500 speakers at home.  I can't wait to hook up everything and finally watch some movies in Dolby Digital sound.  It's been far too long since I've had an earful.  But first comes the really hard part: cleaning out my room.  More on that later!

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The wedding prank

I woulda posted this earlier but considering it's a friendly prank and the fact that it's supposed to be a surprise, the element of surprise would be defeated if I had to posted about this earlier.  Today is the night of my friend Harry Kwan's wedding.  The weeks leading up to the wedding had been rather frustrating as the groom had been quite a nervous wreck and as always, I was the friend he could always vent out on.  I guess I'd be proud to say that I am quite immune to his scoldings over the years so I guess I should be allowed to prank him just once.  I wrote the guy a fake cheque of one hundred dollars and eighteen cents.  Anyone who is Chinese might find it easier to find the meaning of my hidden message as "18" is synonymous with the term 實發 ("sure to get rich").  The hundred bucks is supposed to be represent the term 百戰百勝 ("with a hundred battles comes a hundred victories").  As lame as it is, it's really the thought that counts!  I believe I also wrote that this "cheque" is only redeemable through the wife. 

Anyway, congrats to the new bride and groom!

(P.S. I really did give the couple an envelope of $100.18)

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Charlie Sheen in T.O.!!!!

Well, they're up and ready to post so here it is.

Not much details to talk about, really!  This morning, I checked Charlie Sheen's twitter page just to see if he has any comments regarding his show in Toronto.  Then noticed that he was having a Bipolar Awareness Walk around the area of my workplace around 6pm.  So I decided to walk up to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel just to check out the event, hoping to take a good shot of him.  Well, unfortunately for me, the weather was pretty windy so it got cold pretty fast.  And Charlie didn't come out until 6:45pm.  And that is when THIS video happened.


Then out of nowhere, I see him climbing on the top of a van and started waving his hands to the press and his fans.  Fans demanded for a speech which he graciously gave.  This next video is his full speech that he gave on the top of a van.


I would've done the entire walk to Massey Hall with Charlie Sheen but my mom called me while I was waiting and told me in the last minute that I had to go out with my dad's friends for a dinner gathering.  And since I already got what I want, I thought I might as well bounce and head homeward-bound.

(Was gonna upload the pics but it's taking too long!  I'll upload it on photobucket instead!)

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Charlie Sheen!!!


I saw Charlie Sheen today.  Uploading the videos to youtube right now so it's going to take a while to post all the details.  So here's a couple of teaser photos for now.

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bedtime story...

[05:23] PoKeD:ahhhhhhhh[05:23] PoKeD:GARY[05:23] PoKeD:TELL ME A STORY[05:23] PoKeD:i need a bedtime story[05:25] Gary:once upon a time, a litlte girl asked her father for a bedtime story. but her father fell asleep before he could even start. and she live grumpily ever after.

the end[05:25] PoKeD:i hate u[05:25] PoKeD:XD[05:25] Gary:lol[05:25] PoKeD:that was the lamest story ever[05:25] PoKeD:x.x[05:25] Gary:it's awesome1[05:25] PoKeD:=.=

it's 5:30am and i need to slumber...


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Regarding the shooting at a Manila tour bus...

Is this girl on crack?  A tour bus full of people just got shot (8 of them dead) and here, you're expressing your disappointment over the assumption that all Hong Kong people are dead from this tragic incident?  Get serious, lady!  Who the fuck do you think you are?  Sharon Stone?!

Diu la sing!

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Either go commando or steal a pair of swimming trunks!

Just came back from Canada's Wonderland tonight and the most oddest thing had to happen to me today.  I left my bag of extra clothes in my friend's car and we were all approaching to the water recreational area.  The parking lot was too far for us to walk back so I was left with very few options.  In fact, I only had one option: go commando in the water rides.  Meaning to simply go in my underwear.  However, we saw an abandoned pair of swimming trunks and a t-shirt lying on our bench.  And it just so happens that those trunks are a perfect fit for me.  I was hesitant at first but my friends told me to pick 'em up if I don't want the embarrassment of going commando all afternoon.  And so I did.  Other than that, we had a fun time.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures.  Pretty inconvenient to take a camera to water rides if you ask me.  Oh, and I almost drowned in the shallow end cuz my floating thingy flipped upside down and I held onto the handles.  lol!

I'm gonna have to take a day off next week for a medical check-up.  And to the owner of those swimming trunks, I apologize.  XD

P.S. No fear!!! 

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Main Entry: Ne·an·der·thal

Pronunciation: \nē- ˈan-dər- ˌt ȯl, - ˌth ȯl; nā- ˈän-dər- ˌtäl\

Function: noun

Etymology: Neanderthal, valley in western Germany

Date: 1863

1 or Ne·an·der·tal

- ˌt ȯl, - ˌtäl\ : a hominid ( Homo neanderthalensis syn H. sapiens neanderthalensis) known from skeletal remains in Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia that lived from about 30,000 to 200,000 years ago —called also Neanderthal man 2

: one who suggests a caveman in appearance, mentality, or behavior

Neanderthal or Neandertal



- ˌt ȯ- ˌl ȯid, - ˌth ȯ-, - ˌtä-\ adjective or noun



Reason I'm posting this?  Well, it's in response to someone I know personally.  ha!

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