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Different Types of Watches

There are many designs, styles, brands, colors and sizes of watches that you can choose from. Hence you can never a shortage in their selections. However, know that there are only few categories of watches. There is the dress watch and classic watches. These types have more conservative designs and fit best when worn with formal attire.

Another type of watch is the sport watch. These lines of watches are reputed these days with prices ranging from $10- $20. More expensive ones can even cost millions of dollars. These are the lines of exotic selections. You need to know as well that you don't necessarily be active to wear a sport watch. This is more of a theme or design which you can wear casually. These are robust types too so they withstand abuse. They are designed with thicker cases in durable crystals and added protection that allows you to move it around safely. There are a lot of brands selling this type of watch. If you read a review of Stuhrling watches, you will notice that this brand has sport watches too.

You may also be confused with sport watches since they are sometimes called in other names. It can be a "dive-style watch", chronograph watches or aviation (pilot) watch. These styles are the most popular types of sport watches these days. They are often sought for because of their versatility. In fact, you can wear them dress down or dress up, depending on the occasion. For men's watches, you can read some  Stuhrling watch reviews to know more.

There are also watches with traditional designs and style. Hence, the diving watch a few decades ago has now transformed and fit a "suit and tie" attire. Some would also opt for mechanical sport watch. These are best used as hiking watch or camping watch.

Another category of watch is the "complicated type". They vary in formal and sporty design but what make them distinct is their extremely complicated mechanical movements. They are the ideal watch aficionado pieces, perpetuating the practice of good watchmaking.

The last category is the design or art watch. This watch gives emphasis on aesthetic value of the designer mixed with the watch' functionality. Their designs are accentuated and are given more importance than the function of the watch. To know more about watches, just check  this source and view the website to learn more. 

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