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Exceptional trailer for Paolo Sorrentino's YOUTH. https://t.co/WOiNcUIUHt

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Excellent trailer of LEGEND Dir. Brian Helgeland (Oscar-winning writer of LA Confidential) w/T.Hardy as the Kray Bros http://t.co/UQPzC6hbHr

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RT @FungBros: EPISODE 1 of Fung Bros in Taiwan. We go to the first boba shop in Taichung and then pick leaves at a tea farm. http://t.co/Kn…

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The Understudy https://t.co/vLPKQPIfSH via @sharethis

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Check out my @hyphenmagazine Q&A w/@JustinChon on his directorial debut, MAN UP! Screens Sun 4/26 @AsianFilmFestLA - https://t.co/zWhlN6lYxU

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Check out my Q&A and Interview in @HyphenMagazine with @PeterShinkoda: Nobu on Marvel's @Daredevil - #NobuLives baby! http://t.co/CRuWEv4cf5

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Check out my Q&A in @HyphenMagazine with @PeterShinkoda aka Nobu on Marvel's @Daredevil by @TimothyTau https://t.co/vxIPQyQBmm via@sharethis

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A glimpse at my neo-noir screenplay about a modern-day ninja called Shinobi that I'm developing at UCLA, based partially on 80s crime films, heist movies, Bond/spy flicks, and mythology/legends such as Goemon Ishikawa, The Monkey King, Hattori Hanzo, the Sarutobi clan, The Ten Sanada Braves, the legendary swordsmiths Masamune and his student Muramasa (and their blades the Juuchi Yosama - The 10,000 Cold Nights and the Yawarakai-Te - Tender Fists). A project I'm also developing with Peter Shinkoda, who plays the badass ninja/crimelord Nobu in Marvel's Dared...Read more

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Guess "Do You Bleed!?" is the new "Where Are They!?" for Batman voice impersonators worldwide. https://t.co/PMupBO6hpz

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"All-right, all...right, all....sob, sob, weep, weep [breaks down uncontrollably into tears]....right, all right..." https://t.co/R4gxtUQf1A

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