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RT @NewYorker: “The Fortunes,” an intense and dreamlike novel by Peter Ho Davies, is a rough history of Chinese people in America. https://…

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RT @fictionwriters: Peter Ho Davies w/ Eric McDowell on writerly patience, all manner of hybridity, & THE FORTUNES. @umichWriters @HMHCo ht…

RT @tcm: We've lost so many brilliant actors & filmmakers this year. #TCMRemembers sadly adds memories of Zsa Zsa Gabor & Carrie Fisher. ht…

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RT @tcm: To the brilliant actress whose golden life made our lives golden in return. Debbie Reynolds, we miss you dearly. #TCMRemembers htt…

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RT @tcm: We're still not ready to say good-bye. Our memories of a witty writer & network friend, Carrie Fisher. #TCMRemembers https://t.co/…

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RIP Carrie Fisher: Secret Genius Script Doctor https://t.co/ki1FEJwF46

Carrie Fisher's Unsung Legacy as a Script Doctor Extraordinaire https://t.co/Y9Dy95we4X via @TheMarySue

Carrie Fisher, the novelist and memoirist, also was an unsung genius script doctor https://t.co/BTPzDDgtET via @qz

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Los Angeles, United States
September 15, 2010

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