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Where am I? Backstage of #HereBeMonsters by #RydeYouthTheatre because I'm already missing my first production with the group! This is Whisper in the Darkness' cast and playwright. ? | tiffanywongtwblog.wordpress.com/blog

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The cast of Monkey With No Tail! I only appeared onstage with one of these actors but they're all super talented! Backstage of #HereBeMonsters by #RydeYouthTheatre! ? | tiffanywongtwblog.wordpress.com/blog

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I give you, the power of the match! The candle and Mari meet backstage of #HereBeMonsters by #RydeYouthTheatre! ? | tiffanywongtwblog.wordpress.com/blog

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"I feel like something's wrong and you're not telling me what it is!" - Mari in #WhisperInTheDarkness. We've already had three sold out shows for #HereBeMonsters by #RydeYouthTheatre only one more to go! (facebook link in bio) ? | @trav_ellove ? | tiffanywongtwblog.wordpress.com/blog

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My first experience with #RydeYouthTheatre is amazing! All thanks to Suzanne who has worked so hard in organisation, construction, anything you can name! We've only got two more nights of #HereBeMonsters, reserve your tickets now! (Link in bio) ? | Suzanne H ? | tiffanywongtwblog.wordpress.com/blog

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I didn't realise that autofocus would mean everyone was blurry... Except me! Come to HERE BE MONSTERS this week and next!

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I decided to upgrade from a Tumblr girl to a Wordpress whiz! I found photos from 2011 when I acted as Carmello the Koala, enjoy... ?| tiffanywongtwblog.wordpress.com

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"Is that really what my hair looks like from the back?" #DarlingHarbour #SignCity

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Oh, you're so cute today! I can't believe you're here too! ? | @trav_ellove

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Oh, how the wedding was beautiful! ? | @elysiachua

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I am Tiffany Wong, an Australian born actor. https://tiffanywongtwblog.wordpress.com/

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