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A Fake Lipstick Lesbian

It sounds unbelievable but there is an increasing number of new lipstick lesbians around, and these can be grouped into what we like to call fake lipstick lesbians. There are a couple of different types.

Firstly, thanks to the male fascination with lesbian sex, there are women who work in the porn industry who have sex with other women for financial gain. These are always feminine women as they have to attract and arouse a male audience. They are not real lesbians at all; they probably get off the set and go home to their boyfriends, or husbands. They are just into lesbianism for the money. These are easy to identify; dumb blondes, or brunettes, on the covers of lesbian porn movies with fake boobs and plastic surgery galore. You are hardly likely to bump into them in your local bar, though!

The second set of fake lipstick lesbians we want to draw to your attention are much more dangerous. An increasing number of straight women are actually using lesbian advances to their advantage! They are either "trying out lesbianism" to impress friends, or they are actually using it as a male pulling tactic. As the majority of men get incredibly turned on when they see two feminine women kiss, many straight women will pounce on friends, or unsuspecting lesbians, to draw attention to themselves and pull men! These are much harder to identify, but if you happen to come across a woman hanging out in your district with her eye on the men as she chats to you then avoid at all costs unless you want to spend time getting to know whether she's real, or fake. If in any doubt, your gaydar should never fail you so trust your gut instincts!

Thirdly and finally, you shouldn't believe that you are safe at work either! If you have a high powered career; nice car; fabulous home; and three holidays a year then word soon gets about! There are gold diggers in the fake lipstick lesbian world and they often see highly successful lesbian women as an easy target in comparison to men. Some of your female employees will find the dollar or pound signs flashing before their eyes, and, before they or you know it, they will turn lesbian and make sexual advances to either get themselves promoted, or get their hands on your well-earned cash! It's best to not mix business with pleasure!

If you find that a recent promotion or step up in your financial position increases the number of women who express sexual attraction to you in your neighborhood beware of them, as well. Many of them will be straight women wanting a piece of your lifestyle! In this situation it's best to rule yourself with your head, rather than your heart, and - although this is often incredibly difficult for us emotional lesbians - it does save heartache in the long run

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December 4, 2009