Darling Life
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see live updates atwww.thisdarlinglife.com In theaters May 8th, 2008

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Full of wisdom, deep impact “This Darling Life is full of wisdom, intelligence and sensitivity. It seems simple, yet its impact is very deep.” -Yim Ho, Film Director

“Angie Chen is to be congratulated on being the first to produce a documentary about people in Hong Kong and their relationship with their animals. The ‘stories’ reveal how varied the relationships and the reasons for those relationships between humans and animals can be. I liked the way it explores the human condition and makes us re-evaluate the roles of animals in our own lives. She has shown a fascinating slice of Hong Kong Life!” -Sandy Macalister, SPCA

A very touching film “A very touching film. Ten minutes into the film, I started to feel its effect. It’s refreshing and different.”

-Anthony Wong Chau San, Actor

"A very different way to talk about love." “I totally enjoyed the film. I was one of the many in the audience who did not want to leave myseat at the end of it. It is thought provoking and has given us an interesting insight into themany reasons why people keep animals, it’s a movie about dogs – that makes you think.” -Tony Ho, SPCA

“For myself, I’m not really an animal lover. I never experienced that part of life. But to see it through other people in this film is very interesting, to see how much people can actuallyinvest their love to an animal, and how that actually translates to their love with other people.  The message in the end is that – the whole human race as a whole, the greater the love, the greater the people are. I think it’s wonderful.” -Antony Szeto, Film Director

“A very different way to talk about love.” -Christina Wong, Chief Designer, Blanc de Chine

“It’s about relationships, about family, how you interpret love. It’s so easy to say, ‘I love you’, but what does it really mean?” -Vivianne Lau

“After watching this movie, I feel hopeful about mankind – there’s love and care around us.” -Doris Yiu

“This is a great film, it really touched the bottom of my heart! You must have spent a lot of time, effort & love on it, this is the magic of the film. Each one has his own right to live, love is unconditional! Any other ways to watch the film? I like to introduce to more people...” -Ringo Tang, Photographer

“The film is really good and inspired me a lot. I hugged, kissed and told this touching story to my doggie last night.” -Cherry Chan, Assistant Marketing Officer, Bossini

Really hits you right in the heart “The human animal bond is very precious and your film showed the strength of this bond and a mixture of feelings that exist in hong kong. Whether you agree or not a very thought provoking film…….” -Dr Jane Gray, SPCA

“I am really touched, by all these people in the film who shared insights into the relationship between dog and owner, so often misunderstood, ignored, neglected, or forgotten by many (including dog owners like myself!) who need to be reminded to treat their dogs like human friends. i haven’t cried so much at a film for a long time! I miss my dog tin tin very much, and I wish I had seen this film earlier and had spent more time with him when he was alive.” -Lina Kao

“Very straightforward. Really hits you right in the heart.”-Dr. Joe, Veterinarian

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April 28, 2008