Darling Life
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Meet the Characters


Winnie,“ 動物醫生”創辦人


Winnie, founder, Dr. Pet,

Darling Patsy accompanied Winnie during her formative years, comforted her when she was down, and inspired her to start writing. Patsy transformed Winnie’s life.



無家可歸者+他的狗,在一起超過10年 無家可歸者的家?

Homeless + his dog, over 10 years together

            A homeless’s home. How can a homeless have a home?





Christine + Momo, 在一起17年 和MoMo一見鍾情,一生一世。 Christine + Momo, 17 years together

            With Momo, it’s love at first sight and love forever and ever…



黃貫中 + Bach, 在一起17年 “唔通餵魚都要咁剛咩?”

Paul + Bach, 17 years together

            Tough guy, soft heart.



*Okka, Anna, Dr. Joe 和 Buena* Buena被人虐待後遺棄在溪邊的時候,一定不會想到她生命中的三個天使即將出現。在最深的井底,也要相信,抬頭就可以看到滿天星光。

Okka, Anna, Dr. Joe and Buena

            Darling Buena was tortured and left dying in a creek. Then, her three angels appeared.



Sally, Hong Kong Dog Rescue創辦人 每年安置300條狗。全天候無休救援狗。大智慧無私女超人。

Sally, founder, Hong Kong Dog Rescue. She homes 300 dogs a year.A superwoman with a big heart and wisdom. She rescues dogs 24/7.





May,私人狗場狗主。收養了100條狗,70只貓 為了照顧這些無人認養的狗和貓,她每天攀爬200多級的階梯,風雨無阻。

May, owner, private dog shelter.

100 dogs and 70 cats, and counting.Another superwoman who climbs 200+ steps every day for her dogs and cats, even when it’s raining cats and dogs.



Sally and Ching Ching, 失而復得。 “人在愛中,總是害怕失去。唯一的解決辦法只有愛得更多,狠狠去愛吧!”

Sally and Ching Ching, lost and found.

            A wise lady who’s hilarious and out of this world. 

Sally’s immortalized words: “When you love, and you fear the loss, the solution is to love more, go that step deeper.”

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