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Van Li

The Orbs 2008大事件!!

The Orbs 2008大事件!! 繼本地樂隊Headhunter後,另一型格樂隊-Albino-己於本年2008年9月正式與本公司簽約,加入The Orbs的大家庭,成為本公司所屬樂隊,本公司深感榮幸。在未來中,本公司將會陸續推出更多好音樂、好演出及帶來更多有聲有畫的樂團組合,希望大家能繼續支持,與我們The Orbs緊步向前﹗

This is one of the bright things of the year 2008 in The Orbs while it is an honor to have a local band Albino joined the family of The Orbs. In the coming days, we will keep releasing more and more fine original music

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