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SWEET CROSSOVER: Javier Serrano/The091 x VERO chocolates


a Must for the XMas season, as usual is Chocolate, if it is Designer Chocolate even better!!!

We have join 5 of the top chefs in hk in search of the ultimate flavour boundaries, to create our second signature chocolate product for VERO, probably the finest chocolatier in the world.  Design, Haute cuisine, Artisan Crafting and lots of passion. All combined and in a single box.

below the official communication.


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shooting cubes

to shoot products can be deeply boring.Not if you do so under the sun, in a nice spot and with no briefing in hand. then it is fun!we had this cubic shape bean bag to play with, so what we do? PLAY!Tim was so busy he duplicated playing tetris...see, see...Read more

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International Herald tribune about our project

Read an interview about our project in IHT,enjoy!!!!http://www.iht.com/articles/2008/09/24/style/reco.php?pass=true

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we will always be a bitch

Yeah, as long as we leave. We will always be a bitch. We will do this or that. For this or that reason. Against our will, for a superior reason.My dearest Hunter S Thompson told us: the world is in the hands of the dumb. He was fucking right. the amateur delight. Welcome to the 21st century baby, you are here to accomplish your mission. get whatever you looking for, and get out of the way as soon as you get it.Some decisions are super tough. Some are as easy as it can be. Just take them. Carry them. Defend them & justify them. T...Read more

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At last! we have received our TRUE LOVE sexy looking reversible totes! and now you can find them and buy them at TDC DESIGN GALLERY in Wanchai, right next to our 091's ECO COUTURE ones.True Love concept is all about the difference, and the uniqueness of the people when it comes to choose a partner, or several ones. There all plenty of choices, we respect all of them. And we want to celebrate the diversity of Hong Kong's love scene.Times change, choices change, but True Love Never Dies.091

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Ahhh... Here i post the poster for the SPANISH FILM FESTIVAL which we designed. we love good cinema. For me, a movie is one thing, and CINEMA is a totally different one.Usually, if you go to see a MOVIE, it means you just going to watch it, you know how it will end, the tale of it... and so on. It is just pure formula.BUT, when you sit down in a CINEMA screening, you are about to live an experience, no formulas. just art. photography, dialogues... that is what i mean.   5  movies by 5 Spanish filmmakers, yes Almodovar is one, that are p...Read more

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My dear friend Dansk,  Since childhood i've known him, his ganny is my granny's neighbor.He is always been a bit weirdo guy, shy but boiling inside. With an obvious Talent for drawing, and obsessive recurrent themes such faces, skulls or loser like characters, he past all high school year drawing in the books and continue trough art school and thus, when i came to HK to settle the 091 here, it came to my mind how much HK needed an artist like Dansk and how much he needed a city like HK to expand and show the world his Talen...Read more

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Blog: Tuesday, Sep 9

Catalog tree infographics..

This people from NL are one of the most outstanding info-graphic designers. Not just they are methodical in data collection and arrangement, but the visuals they create by combining this data are awesome.lots of respect for themthe pictures we see a poster series of 3 on Parking Violations by Diplomats in New York City, 1997-2005.Yellow one:Same Time, Same Place. Dotted lines: 3 to 6 diplomats meeting. Continuous line: 7 to 11 diplomats meeting.Thanks to Ray Fisman and Edward Miguel for kindly permi...Read more

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we do love violence, don't we!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/v/V-D3c25_3l8&hl=en&fs=1

Another one from guy ritchie.russian mafia, art thieves, london accents, twisted people, scams and swearing ... 

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Video: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=33286914

This Cool video-clip, handmade animation with gentle postproduction. Superb graphics and excellent surf music,sense of humor is always important. Ladies & gentleman, From Barcelona,Spain: THE TIKI PHANTOMS

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We are the 091 estudio. A cutting edge marketing and Design Unit. “cum moris, ab populi, pro argentums" www.the091.com enjoy. Javier Serrano.

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