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Musical nails for a birthday boy

And now, simply for tradition sake, here is actually a birthday snap associated with my 2 littlies.? Happy Birthday my huge black matte nail polish boy!

Black to red gradient with water decal musical notes.? I used Picture Polish black along with frank-n-furter to produce the particular gradient.? the h2o decals tend to be from the Born Fairly Store.

Last night I sat down to paint my nails as well as would become a little lost as things to create.? I Then recalled what I'd been performing with regard to the vast majority of the actual afternoon - decorating his birthday cake.? Mr 5 had requested a guitar cake (to go using the guitar he had furthermore requested pertaining to for his birthday).? He had already advised us he wanted a new red guitar, as well as the guitar which he ended up being acquiring had a beautiful black to become able to red gradient.? Light-bulb moment!

Here is the half sized guitar that was my inspiration.

In tonight's post I'm showing you what has become a new bit of the tradition more than the most recent many years with regard to me.? Themed nails pertaining to my sons birthday. Final yr when he turned 5 I colour co-ordinated my nails as well as made a photo decal. In Order To feel that when I started my blog my little man had been just one yr previous now he turned six!??

. Pertaining To this forth birthday, I match your pirate theme (and I specially laugh at Miss 1 because photo). It's really sweet in order to watch.? Your only factor is, he's an extremely strong south-paw, consequently strumming with most the proper hand can be a bit weird for him. I keep viewing him utilizing the particular left hand to strum, so we might contemplate re-stringing it to a left-handed guitar.

Here is the guitar cake I made for him.? It's 80% gone currently right after his party with about 15 additional 5 and 6 year olds.

For his second birthday in my blog, I didn't do themed nails, just a photo of him. He absolutely loves the particular guitar.? He features not a clue how to play, however he happily strums away, then sometimes picks at the different strings. My tradition started about his third birthday, when I attempted some free involving charge hand Elmo's to match his cake

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