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  • New Year's Eve under the stars in Santa Monica, CA

    Saturday, Dec 13, 2008 11:09AM / Standard Entry

    I have to admit, it's been quite a year. I have many things for which to be grateful, and in these troubling times, it really puts things in perspective. This year really stands out in many ways and I think it's important to recognize this as we usher out 2008 and look forward to a year of hope, faith and prosperity. 

    Steve Liu, Ted Kim and I are very social people. We like nothing more than to gather our friends together and party. But for our New Year's Eve, we decided to not only do it up, we wanted to do it with a sense of purpose.   Join us and our celebrity co-hosts.

    A cause to celebrate, at a beautiful venue, on an evening unlike any other...

    For those who want to ring in the New Year with style, sophistication, and
    some good old fashioned charity, we will drink and mingle the night away under the stars at the fabulous Wokcano Santa Monica. This charming new restaurant features two and a half
    huge levels and a magnificent outdoor patio, all set against a backdrop of
    dark wood and Japanese-inspired décor. A more mature and intimate crowd than
    you’ll get at your mass-appeal New Year's Eve parties, we still know how to have a good

    The profits from our event will go to THE ASIAN PACIFIC COMMUNITY FUND and CENTER FOR THE PACIFIC ASIAN FAMILY. APCF's mission is to promote philanthropy addressing the diverse needs of our community and provides funding to 29 affiliate agencies serving hundreds of thousands of clients, the majority of whom live in low-income and immigrant communities. CPAF's mission is to build healthy and safe communities by addressing the root causes and consequences of family violence and violence against women. CPAF was the first to open a multi-lingual and multi-cultural transitional housing program focusing on survivors who seek to establish independent, violence free lives.

    Please join us on Wednesday, Dec. 31 at Wokcano, 1413 5th Street in Santa Monica from 10 PM - 2 AM. For more information, please visit:


    A limited number of tickets will be made available on a first come, first serve basis. Buy your tickets now at:



  • Watching the work of actor friends

    Tuesday, Dec 2, 2008 7:49AM / Standard Entry

    It is always a little strange flipping channels and seeing friends of mine - actors - on some of my favorite shows.  Mind you, it's easier seeing Daniel Dae Kim or Yunjin Kim on LOST because I met them after watching the show.  It's a little easier seeing Lanny Kim on a recent episode of CSI because I met him when he was in WEST 32ND.  

    But seeing Lydia Look on BONES was an utter shock and delight.  I met Lydia at a KTV outing in LA and have come to know her as a writer and friend.  She is really quirky, funny and high energy. She wrote the highly rated Disney Channel movie WENDY WU, HOMECOMING WARRIOR.  Frankly, I didn't know she was acting anymore.  But then I find out she's on a episode of BONES on FOX.  The part is small but she is hysterical.  The great thing is that she is able to bring her personality to the part and turns mundane lines into charming turns.  Her use of facial expressions had me in stitches.  I was so giddy watching my friend shine.  Now, I don't think I am being biased in thinking she was great.  But I was so proud of her.

    Makes me think that I wish there was more work for truly talented and gifted people like Lydia.  I wanna see  more of her.


  • Print Audition

    Sunday, Nov 30, 2008 2:12AM / Standard Entry

    I have a friend who works at a modeling agency that does print work.  They have a category that is pretty thin - middle aged Asian males.  So she asked me to go out for a non-union commercial call.  She assures me that she will book me on something, but I have my doubts.  A pneumonia vaccine was looking for Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese and Malays, men and women 40 years and older.  Lots of people who talk to each other and appear to be regulars at this game.

    So I show up in casual clothes at an office on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks and walk in to find about 40 Asians filling out forms and trying to book this gig.  I try my best to figure out what to do.  I sign in and fill out the card with my name, age and ethnicity.  After a 30 minute wait, I'm asked to go sit in line and wait.  The line is moving pretty quickly.   There's a guy sitting behind me.  He asks me if my name is Teddy and if I am a producer.  I am really embarrassed to be here and trying to just fit in.  Right now, I am feeling pretty stupid being here and I know I am never gonna get the commercial.  The guy tells me that we have a friend in common, an actor that I met once.  He has an action scrīpt that he is directing and has a bunch of people attached.  It's only $20 million and is close to raising it.  The money is for not only the film, but the music video as well.  He plans on putting a bunch of hot music acts in the film and projects huge returns.   He thinks it's a sure thing because of the success of Twilight.  He was also a film school classmate of Wayne Wang.  

    Then, my name is called and I have four Polaroids taken....

    It was all surreal.


  • The right to love

    Friday, Nov 14, 2008 2:26AM / Video

    Do you believe in love?  Do you wish love for others?  Please give a little happiness.  This isn't about politics, it's about compassion.


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