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Thankful for My Good Reviews For Singapore Love Letters


Why should you catch



A double bill of 2 new plays inspired by real love letters


by this weekend...





Tickets are selling fast!




ACTION Theatre

in collaboration with

National Museum of Singap...Read more

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Singapore Love Letters

ACTION Theatre in collaboration with

National Museum of Singapore proudly presents




An evening of two original new plays

inspired by real love letters and true historical events


5 to 15 February 2009

Gallery Theatre @ National Museum

8pm daily plus 3pm on Sat & Sun

No performance on Mo...Read more

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"Do Not Disturb - Late Checkout, Please." Opens Dec 18-21, Esplanade Theatre Studio, Tickets From Sistic

Official photos of my stage directorial debut are OUT!

Check them out! Choose which play you'd like to see and then please, buy tickets to come watch!

Tickets are $35 only, available from Sistic from end October

"Do Not Disturb - Late Checkout, Please." opens 18 Dec at Esplanade Theatre Studio.

Four New Stories About What Happens To Two People In A Budget Hotel Room!

Rated R(A)

Direct...Read more

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My Directorial Debut! Do Not Disturb - Live!...at the Esplanade Theatre Studio Dec 18!

Some of you may have seen it! I executive produced and created a television series on Arts Central called "Do Not Disturb". It was directed by Kelvin Tong of Boku Films.

Here are some photos to refresh your memory!

One episode featured Adrian Pang and Andrea Decruz (who was nominated for an ATV Award for he...Read more

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Vanilla Magazine Cover

Gosh it's been a long time since i posted something. So sorry! But i've been in and out of Penang filming a movie. More about that later. For now - my best friend Val and I were on the cover of Vanilla Magazine lately! Take a look - and read about our friendship!

...<a href=Read more

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Kheng has decided to take the plunge and.... DIRECT for the first time!!!! Yikes!!!! I'm f------g SCARED!!! Everyone - offer me words of advice. This is a project for the theatre.

Do you think I've got my feet firmly planted on the ground? Watch this space for more on this new ADVENTURE!

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"Sayang Sayang" Reviewed in 8 Days!

My new dramedy, currently being broadcast on Singapore's Mediacorp Channel 5, was recently reviewed in 8 Days, the foremost entertainment weekly here:

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Kheng on CNA for Premier of "Sayang Sayang"

Hey, if you've got a moment - catch this clip about the premier of new Mediacorp 5 dramedy "Sayang Sayang" on CNA - featuring me, fellow cast member Michelle Chong and Peranakan Consultant Richard Tan.


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Back From Kunstenfestivaldesart08! What the hell!!???

yes!! it certainly was cutting edged, experimental, FUNKY!!! most of it i didn't understand, but didn't stop me from having a great time. I just came back from performing at the Kunstenfestivaldesart08 in Brussels. we were part of Ho Tzu Nyen's troupe in "The King Lear Project" (look for it in this year's Singapore Arts Festival!).

okay - it's very hard to explain what this piece is all about - but basically, it's a performance lecture about power structures withi...Read more

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My Showreels

"Singapore Short Stories III" broadcast on Mediacorp Arts Central, produced by Film Formations.

Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2550550666812286447

"A War Diary" broadcast on Mediacorp Channel 5, produced by Dreamforest Productions, nominated for Best Actress, Drama, Asian Television Awards. Video: http://video.google.com...Read more

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April 24, 2008