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Cheuk Hang Helen Tam

So it begins again...#theconfessionofachemist

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It was the best of times, It was the worst of times. It was the time of work, It was the time of decadence. It is now the 'part' of times, the 'join' of times.

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Last day of fun, sunshine, decadence........bye holiday. See you in June. Just that you know, I love you.

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And so we laid in the Sun. #sunstarvingbrits

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What I do when it's 20 degrees and perfectly sunny outside. Seriously need to get a life. #confessionofachemist

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Got lost with grumpy hedgehog.

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Bring me back on holiday! #Düsseldorf

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Being on holiday reminds you of how nice home always is. #Düsseldorf

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Give it up to Düsseldorf!

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Cheuk Hang Helen Tam

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