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Alfred Johnson

Interesting Day..

I had a full on day of revision and work today. I was quite surprised actually that I stayed focus all day long.  Golf was really good. A man made my day. It was unexpected of him, a person with pretty nice clubs and a good outfit. His shots were adequate but I did wonder why he digs into the mat so hard. As soon as he hit the first shot with his TaylorMade R9 driver, all was revealed. He should thank God pretty damn hard that the mirror behind him is made of non shattering glass, or he'll be in hospital by now. He addressed his ball fine, with nice posture and backswing. He gave too much power when coming down on his down swing, his ball flew backwards, hit the mirror and bounced elsewhere. It was as if the driving range froze, everyone stopped and looked. He then turned round, maybe most unwillingly and apologised. He then of course walked off due to embarrassment. I then burst out laughing. I cannot say that I play golf better than Tiger Woods, and I must admit that I used to hit a few air balls when I was little but I have never seen someone play golf like that in my whole entire life. Poor man, but truly hilarious.I was entertaining myself until the unexpected joker broke out. I invented a game called 'Hit the Board" and that was using my 9 iron to hit the 50 yard board. I must say that I was pretty good at it, and if I was to come to this driving range every week, there will be numerous of holes on that board.Very enjoyable golf exeprience tonight. and there is one thing that I have discovered about my family and  that is that the first thing we ever do when we get into the house is not take off our shoes, but turn the television on.With some English essays waiting for me tomorrow, I am not entirely looking forward to dawn but there is something that make it even worse. I am waking up to club cleaning. Thanks ever so much, I love you too mum and dad. Cheerios

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Results...Yes, results.

Had a rahter heavy day today. Being needed so often in this school may not be some good news for me. I am truly and utterly tired of 'saving ones' bacon'. One thing that teachers do not seem to realise is how much I have to do besides helping you. In fact, it was you people who set me those work. Anyway, a full stop cannot yet be dotted on my day. The reason Revision? Flute practice? The answer is all of the listed is on my 'to-do' list,, which is rather long.

Got another one of my science mock result back today...did well, as expected. But it is the fact that, the more good results I get, the more I make myself regret not reivsing at all for one of the mocks last week. Out of the five exams I did last week, 4 of which are A*s, and with a well deserved B. No one is to be blamed but myself. Well, I guess I have learnt a lesson, I hope I had anyway.

Not having an extremely good day, but I wish you have.


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How strange for me to blooged two day in a roll and not even once in two months before this trend.

I these past two days, I have experienced two meanings of the word 'topped'. First thing on Friday, I was told that I topped the year in our Chemistry exam. Today, I went and topped some golf balls due to a lack of concentration.

Topping in year is a good thing that is supposedly celebrational but the word has a complete opposite meaning in terms of my favourite game. To top a golf ball is not, by far, the right thing to do, because it means that you are not hitting the middle of the ball, not striking it correctly, leading it to sway from the intended straight path. Interesting, isn't it,

Golf is such a lovely game, with lovely people playing it. Having a nice weekend so far, wish the weather would be better though!


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An insight into teaching

How long was it since I last blogged? I do not know. In fact, I do not recall when it was, I last logged on to this website. For me, it is not the huzzle and buzzle of city life that gets me. School, is not just school work.

We normally get taught about the theoritical side of a matter or a subject but I guess, this was done in the wrong order. Being a house captain is not easy but being, apparently, the best flautist in the school, is even harder. We were talked to about the path to becoming a teacher. All the ways that you should go, the options you should take and so on. But the previous day, I did the practically side of the subject. I was accompanying a solo flautist in her performance. I am always told that I do things at a high standard and that I should not be so harsh to the people not meeting my level, however hard that may have been, I tried, but somewhat failed. But I learnt a lesson. I have learnt that being a teacher is not just sending the knowledge through as if there was an ambilical cord, but to explain, elaborate and to question. Somehow, your pupil may not understand and what a teacher really require is patience, tolerance and very importantly, the ability to repeat yourself, not once, not twice, but over and over again.

Not anyone that achieves A*s can become a teacher, I, certainly have the qualifications but not all the other crucialities that such a supe-person requires.

Not until after that day, I understand and realise what a hard job it is and not until now, I am starting to appreciate all they do for me. It is only ridiculous when I become frustrated when people only ask me to repeat once bearing in mind how much time and patience it must take the teachers when I, myself do not understand.

Enough reflection, I guess. After a week of science mocks, I now breath a slight sign of relief. The teachers are so prompt at marking! 3 A*s and B so far, considering that I did hardly any revision, this set of results should not be too embarrassing. I am incredibly happy that I topped the year in Chemistry, achieving 2 marks off full marks, I must say this is pretty good achievement for most people. Some people may think I am slightly pathetic however, I really needed to know where those 2 marks were lost, to prevent future mistakes. I was called to be a 'born perfectionist', to which I make no denial to.

Very much looking forward to my golfing weekend, alonside with some homework which is not too bad!

Enough said for now. Happy weekend everyone!


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