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Cheuk Hang Helen Tam

Good morning Oxford

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The place where I spent my formative years as a young person. Now I am based at the south coast, I visit to revise the awe of your beauty. Only to say that everything has changed.

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I didn't just get lost in Oxford. Maybe I need to go out more. #confessionofachemist

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"Let us learn to dream, then perhaps we shall find the truth...." But I can't even sleep....#confessionofachemist

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Classic GP waiting area. #howmuchlonger

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Only if we could spend every moment together.

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You promised to let me die first so I won't have to live without you. You better keep that!

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Take me back! #beachcrave #Bournemouth

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Finally have time for tea and book (and Facebook). #postexamresults #confessionofachemist

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Fourteenth day of the second month with the only one. #southampton

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