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Happy birthday to this poser of all times. I hope you've had a great first day of being an old man and be assured that I will get you a carer when you get to that stage. Love you and hate you at the same time as always. @fokhin

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Weekend starts with a Star*ucks PSL on the track. #psl #starbucksisreallystarfucks

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這是陽光點的歌, 這是微風點的歌~🚲🌅 Well spent me-time.

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It's been too long. #golf

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Long gone....#summer

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Starry starry night, Paint your palette blue and grey~

Watching stars on the plane.

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我是宇宙中的塵埃, 漂泊在這茫茫人海, 是什麼讓我遇見這樣的你? 是什麼讓我不再懷疑自己?

在這茫茫人海裏, 我沒有變得透明。


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Bromance under the missing moon.

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What happened at badminton, stays at badminton.

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