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Cheuk Hang Helen Tam

Take me back! #beachcrave #Bournemouth

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Finally have time for tea and book (and Facebook). #postexamresults #confessionofachemist

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Fourteenth day of the second month with the only one. #southampton

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When can I go back to live music with my steak? When can I go back to this annoyingly synchronised couple? Please can I just go home? #homesick

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Sometimes, even the people who looked like they hung on for a long time and would stick out 'til the end would also give up. You won't realise cos it never meant a thing.

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What makes fossil lab bearable. #southampton

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It always makes me so guilty to receive a second one when I know I haven't made time to reply to the first...#confessionofachemist

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So...the countdown begins again. Next up #14thFebruary

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What you do when it snows. #letitsnow

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There's no combination of words I could put on a back of a postcard. No sing that I can sing but I could try for your heart~

flashback #whenmythighgapexisted

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Cheuk Hang Helen Tam

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