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Lost in You, Live at the Wanch, March 2009

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Tai Tai Alibi: 'Cycle' at Underground 76, Feb 21st, 2009

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Review of our Underground 76 performance by Cain

As soon as Tai Tai Alibi came onto the stage the atmosphere changed dramatically. These guys were veterans to the Underground circuit and this time they came with a new Bassist, Rafe. He fitted in really well, providing some back-up vocals and looking like one of the seasoned veterans. Though, I couldn’t really hear him over Tim’s unique voice which immediately struck a chord with my heart as I became ‘ Lost In You‘. I could see why these guys opened for the Manic Street Preachers. They are that good. They had...Read more

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Ok so we finally got our AnD profile sorted. Wooooooooooop!

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Upcoming show @ The Wanch, 10-11pm, September 30th Wanchai. Free entry. With the opening of their studio the end of this month Tai Tai Alibi will be recor


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March 3, 2009