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Degree Project: Weeks 2 + 3


Make sure to check out my song!]


I continued my research. I focused on creating the fictitious artist, came up with a back story detailing the artist's career so far. I decided to go with a hip hop artist. For my English speaking audience’s sake, I chose the setting to be both the American and Hong Kong music scene. After I have created the artist, I start to think about the album. I listened to many mainstream rap songs to find ...Read more

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Degree Project: Week 1

Shit son, school started already? Where the fuck did my summer go? Oh right, I didn't have one. Now onto the biggest project of my life: degree project. I need to pass this to graduate so it'd better be good. Damn good. Here's the first draft of my topic.


In today's Hong Kong music industry, a no-talent hack can sell more albums than a true musician. What the fuck? How is this happening?

There are still talented musicians in the HK music scene but they are not ones who are selling. M...Read more

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Buy my art

Hey peeps, if you like my designs, you should check out this page. Hope you can help out a starving artist. :)

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Dr. Horrible

Neil Patrick Harris rules!!! Watch this and laugh your ass off!

NPH as Dr. Horrible

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People and things

People/things come and go, some are worth holding on to, some are not. New ones come and old ones go away or be forgotten. There are certain ones that will always be around, either physically or in my heart. Those are the ones I love, and they love me back. The ones who don't shall be forgotten and should have never encountered them in the first place. I shall be wise. Make better decisions. :)

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Update update

Yea yea yea, barely any updates lately. I know I know. Life’s been busy, aight? I’m interning full time at Rival, which is pretty fun, best job I’ve had in a while…or ever. I’m doing what I’m good at and what I like, no more sweatshop or working in supermarkets. What else can I ask for the summer? Next week, I’m gonna start my second job for the summer, being a teacher (assistant teacher to be precise). You may call me Professor Mai. I will be teaching Comic Book Arts 5 days a week ...Read more

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Be a hero!!!

Check out how2heroes.com! It's a great site to learn about all the how-to's of food related topics. You can see some of my photo editing on the site, hehe, and my video will be up soon!!! You can also be a hero by uploading your own instructional video. Try it!

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Lunch with a special lady

I was supposed to go hiking today with Lauren but weather says otherwise. Damn you, rain! So instead we went out for lunch. We went to a Japanese restaurant named Ginza and we had sushi. It’s the first time EVER Lauren had any sushi. It was so fun watching her eat haha. And I taught her how to use the chopsticks, she’s a very good student and a fast learner.

And she insisted on paying cuz she w...Read more

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Road to recovery

My birthweek went awesome. Lots of awesome things happened and some not so awesome things also happened. I survived and, most importantly, retained myself from breaking the  bro code. Now I need to take it easy and recover. Will be staying off the booze for a while…hopefully.

<...Read more

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Happy Birthday to ME!!!

I had a fruitcake for my birthday, oh yeah. Celebration continues this weekend.


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