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on 19072010

Today is a tough day for me... I want this to be a journal just for today.  G came in, settled down and sleep @ 7.30am.  KT and C came almost the same time.  Eventually, follow by EJ.  A. fed KT and bathed her. I fed C and left her to play as I have to attend to EJ.  Fed EJ, let her play for awhile and bathed her, while A. fed G as her feed is @ 8.00am.  By the time I send EJ to sleep it was 8.15 to 8.30am, C and KT was sent to sleep @ around 8.30am and KT was struggling with her milk. A. bathed G @ 8.45am after M. came in to talk to us re the me...Read more

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My reflections and updates of life

Life has been hectic, busy, fast pace... but thank God through some wise decisions made I manage to slow down, reflect, made time for every important priorities in my life.  Like spending time (though not exactly quality time) with them except my hubby... too bad this month our schedule just cant click together.  Took comfort in being able to spend time with my children. Here I am being able to give up some time to read the blogs of my f...Read more

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On My Mind

I noticed lately I have been neglecting His Word, spending time with Him... That is a danger sign for "backsliding"... Well, the God that I put my trust in knows my spiritual condition and temperature... there are so "many things" happening in my mind rite now that is drawing my attention away from Him and His Word.

Lord, I want to draw near to U, not jus in words but in action.  I believe that U knows and r concern about me... U know every single happenings in my life n U desire to be in the centre of it.  Father, I re...Read more

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............ :) :) :)

Dear Heavenly Father,

U r in heaven, hallow be your name, your kingdom comes, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, give me today my daily bread, forgive me of my sins as I forgive my debtors, lead me not to temptations and deliver me from the evil 1.

Praise be to Your Name, O Most High...Read more

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Is about Work

Lately, I have been very busy with work outside of home.  Everyday, I will be rushing with the rest of the working adults to catch the train then a bus to my workplace. I have to plan my time well so that I will be early 4 work.  The best part of this work is I take care of infant from 0 mths to 18 mths old.  I enjoy so much being around them though they can be difficult to handle at times :)  The down side will be coming home exhausted and tired, energy drained.  Well, thats the life and I want to give thanks for the job, for the babies and fo...Read more

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my outing trip

finally, i managed to see the real thing for myself after the long wait - our new icon - the talk of the town which help boosted our tourism, yes that is the IR that was still not quite ready yet.  but cos today was a weekend, the resorts received a non stop flow of human traffic.  there was people everywhere - locals like me, foreginers who are interested in the casino, foreign workers armed with cameras, shoppers. all came with a different interest and reason.

for me, i enjoy the trip out, the sunlight though a bit hot today, the wal...Read more

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@ supermarket

What happen yesterday @ the supermarket was something I have not thought of that will happen to me....  and it had led me to think about wats are happening to these group of people. Wat can I do to make the difference?

I went to the supermarket, finished my grocery then proceeded to the cashier.  While the cashier was greeting me, I heard a loud bang behind me, very quickly I turned around I saw two youth behind me placed 2 bottles of coke just next to my basket. B4 I could respond, 1 of them spoke and told me to pay for their drinks gi...Read more

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What Did He Says To Me

Sunny, Bright  Just like my mood.  Wake up early @ 7am and spent some quality time with my Father.  Thru His Word He reveals to me the spiritual condition of Israel during the time of Judges "where every1 did whatever seemed right in his/her own eyes".  This stands out in the verses that I read today, how real and true is such a condition.  We are so vulnerable to following our "hearts", "feelings", "perceptions".  Lord Jesus, help all those who love y...Read more

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Time is not enough lately

For the past few days I have been struggling with my time, so many things are calling for my attention, as a result I fell sick.  I am still not well... but trusting the Lord for speedy recovery and strength to continue to press on till the jobs @ hand are completed. 

Yes, Lord Jesus, You are my refuge and my strong tower, in You I put my trust.

Each day, Holy Spirit, pour out your love and strength, so that I will focus on You and not myself, circumstances or people or anything that comes along and distract my pace....Read more

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A Lesson Learned

Life is interesting and God is amazing when He deals with His children.  I woke up and asking God what is the 1 thing that He wants to tell me today...... and it is James 1:12 "God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation.  Afterward they will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him"

The 2 words that stands out in this verse is "patiently endure".  It makes me ponder how often I lose my cool and had all those negative emotions acting up when the people around me put m...Read more

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