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 I have been a bit lazy about putting stuff on this page, hopefully that will change soon as spring continues..its just so nice outside away from my keyboard :)


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Blog: Sunday, Dec 13


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Capoeira as a martial art

 I get  a lot of comments from the uninitiated questioning Capoeira's efficiency as a martial art especialy the Angola lineage that I have been a student of. When one watches a Roda for the first time and see's people rolling around in slow motion close to the ground or "dancing: with each to the tune of the orchestra it can be difficult to judge just what is the purpose of this beyond having a good time? Obviously when compared  to a  Muay Thai fight  wherein the contact is direct and the goal is to dominate the oppone...Read more

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I'm done complaining

 I am going to complain about complaining :o

  for several reasons i'm declaring a moritorium on complaining , here are some.

  1. doesn't actualy fix anything

  2. wastes enormous amounts of time and energy that could be better spent resolving or fixing the issue(s)

  3. makes me feel like an enormous baby.

  4. is contagious (like yawning)

  5. can lead to a repeating cycle of  negativity

from now on there are problems and solutions and no us...Read more

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Barton Springs salamander


  A neotinic cave salamander :)

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recent work projects :)

  I made this little beastie from scratch  , you can look at enlarged microscopic photos of Algae through a magnifier........................................... I will be adding more copper pipes just for fun. Read more

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Last night.

 I went to a Roda De Capoeira , I have not been to one since last year so naturaly I was a tad nervous. But It was a lot of fun and we had several groups represented and everyone played nice..even the Regional cats didn't spaz out..well except for one fellow who almost launched himself into the orchestra,since we had our backs right up against the wall it could have been ugly :).  Saw some old friends and shook some of the rust out of my game without going crazy..ok so I did managed to tag my friend Julie in the forehead but it wasn't a h...Read more

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Solomon Kane Movie trailer

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPPNmh3XUOs&feature=fvw  The characterization of Van Helsing played by Hugh Jackman was a  rip off :), in case you were wondering.

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this song really just sums up this entire month

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN3ACziD1BY

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''There is no good or evil, only spirit and matter. Only movement toward the light - and away from it.''

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