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Hairy Hominids

            I have been doing some armchair research on the Sasquatch/Bigfoot phenomenon over the past few years and continue to collect literature on the subject and keep tabs on the media as well. at this point I'm sure many of you are having a laugh at my expense ,granted there is no absolutly conclusive physical evidence that supports their exis...Read more

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Random stuff


   I have a few things on my mind right now so I thought I would share them ,isn't that nice of me? ha ha.

 Mestre Jao Grande is going to be having a workshop here in Austin in about a months time. This is his first visit here and probably the only chance I'll get to train with him for all of you non Capoeiristas out there this fellow is the closest to the originator of this particular style of  Capoeira Angola that you can get  him having been a pupil of Mestre Pastinha. Now I have been training pretty regularly sin...Read more

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Blog: Sunday, Oct 7

  Grud on a greenie!


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Aishwarya Rai

 She is delightful!

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Whats wrong with being nice?

   Is it so difficult to treat other people with decency? My fellow Texans seem bent on making sure that they are first in line and first on the road. At times its really apparent that some people have absolutly no regard for anyone but themselves. Conversations turn into biographical lectures and any other subject  introduced can somehow be related back to themselves thus steering the direction of the conversation back to what really matters, on the Road one would imagine that they consider other drivers to be yet another  minor...Read more

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work projects

 I am currently researching show control systems for our proposed Theater upgrade...what can I say? there are like way too many options out there I don't know where to start.

 I am organizing a demonstration of Native American Dance for my site's "Dive into the past "event as well as figuring out how to build a Wickiup to go with our tee pee. all for Texas Archeology month :)

 Also finishing up on our Habitat Camera installation so folks can see Salamander habitat through our underwater camera. we installed thi...Read more

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More Capoeira than you can stand..

 Links to some swell games.

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china e moreaes




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Emmanuel Augustus

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6z2UE0hdT8  Thanks Karasu!

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Bad Habits

  So I have accidently quit caffiene , I forgot to get more coffee the other day and since I didn't feel to awfull I decided to see how long I could stand life without yet another fabulously bad habit.

 I quit smoking several years ago with little or no pain and certainly I am better for it but I always said I would keep at least one of my addictions since these kind of indulgences make living a little more bearable..unfortunatly there isn't much left for me to give up ,so what's left? I guess I could go vegetarian.

 Ph...Read more

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The Sisters

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROnXv7Z7v28

 back in the late 80's early 90's I was fortunate enough to discover a band who had a sound which seemed both beautifull and somewhat biting but most importantly original  .This band of course was the Sisters of Mercy. I immediatly spent a great portion of my meager income on purchasing all thier material that I could get my hands on,which actualy turned out to be an affordable undertaking due t...Read more

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''There is no good or evil, only spirit and matter. Only movement toward the light - and away from it.''

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