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This looks pretty damn good

Video: http://http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=50aI6zU-FTM Screw Twilight.. ha ha

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I read about this one. It made me jump in my seat. I'll see it on DVD I'm sure...unless it appears around here. You know what I saw FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE the other night? I can't believe I never saw it but it's on Hulu so I watched Night of the Living Dead. Some real crappy acting but the lead was the best - damn WTF was he thinking at the end? A black man in Western Pennsylvania sticking a rifle out a window with a white vampire hunting posse coming toward him?
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Dude, thanks for sharing..this is why I love the mb peeps...that looks really good ...I agree, screw Twilight..looks like some teenage crap ne-ways, imo.
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你好!非常偶然来到您的“领地” ,感觉比明星们真实多了。我担心我的英文不够地道,所以还是用中文留言好了!有机会来中国,欢迎你!
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