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The Keep.

Video: http://http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=mu8iB9qAVTo  This film came out in 1983 and is one of Michael Mann's first films. The story is based on a book by F Wilson .

 It has a pretty stellar cast as well which included the likes of Scott Glenn, Jurgen Prochnow ,Ian Mckellan and Gabriel Byrne. I have only seen it once but I have to say I liked certain aspects of it and the premise is interesting ( to me at least).

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I love Scott Glenn. Rugged yet sensitive. I never saw it though. Its review were that it was kind of muddled but it looks visually stunning. Michael Mann doesn't seem to like to direct much. Not too many movies. But I've liked the few he's made. I wonder if he'll ever do a re-edited version of The Keep for a DVD.
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It looks very familiar, and the name and cast ring a bell, but i can't remember anything about it, will have to look out for it again.
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Never heard of it....but 1983 was a busy year for me...college...marriage...new full-time job.....
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