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Richard Stanley.

 I was lucky enough to come across this Director while I was still in secondary school  ,I have been following his somewhat plagued career ever since. Below is a link to a recent interview that indicates a new interest in those old films of his that I loved. Hardware and Dust Devil, the first being a post apocolyptic killer robot movie done on the cheap and the second a South African demon that collects the souls of the lost in the desert of Namibia..also done on the cheap. Also he has done work with the band The Fields of the Nephilim..an old school goth band

 A good friend of mine turns out to be a distant relative of his oddly enough.



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You are coming up with some obscure shit these days but if you highly recommend those two old movies I'll give it a go. On one condition. That you've watched them recently and they hold up. Sometimes I look back on something I loved at 16 and I think WTF was I thinking.
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Well they aren't for everyone, but I think they hold rather well..Dust Devil suffered from a protracted developmental Hell so the original release was a little off.but it still has merit I think
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